Serena Williams H Magazine Spread and Shoot

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

If Common Sense had any common sense, he would still be chopping down this thick block of chocolate. Hold it down, Serena.

Pop the hood to see footage from the shoot and more pictures of the talented brown bomber…

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  • Ermy Erm (BOOOO...Chitown predicting 8inches of snow today!)

    Um, i think its just me, but she is not attractive to me. She’s very manly. Her face cute though.

  • Re is excited to see GAMBIT in May. FINALLY!


    Serena! My word…this is the most skin I’ve seen on her (apart from her tennis outfits)….

  • Uncle Daddy

    Thicker than a snicker!

  • pm

    wow she looks thick and sexy

  • Black Beauty

    I think that she really looks nice in these pictures. Do your thing Serena!! For all of those who say she is built like a man, get you eyes checked.

  • The Bear - "Someone will have to pay for the innocent blood that is shed everyday"

    I’ve never heard of “H” magazine.

  • Eden

    I wouldnt classify her as Chocolate…Tyrese is Chocolate!!

  • Uncle Daddy

    Look at those lucious, ripe tittays! LOL

  • Serena for H Magazine Video

    […] if (vbc) = ‘hidden’; = ‘#fff’ }); }); today Serena Williams H Magazine … trackback from post […Posted by Bossip StaffIf Common Sense had any common sense, he would still […]

  • Ermy Erm (BOOOO...Chitown predicting 8inches of snow today!)

    Like I said she looks MANLY. I didn say she has a flat chest or no booty. She still look manly.

  • Lisa

    Common is sexy and could do a lot better. I Never understood why he was with her in the first place. Serena looks like a man. Both her face and body is very masculine. Great tennis player but she is not good looking. Common and Gabrielle Union would make a great couple look wise.

  • OBAMA----My President has more SWAGGER Than Yours !!!!

    Humm Yeah she’s hot. But the Wig ia nasty … Go natural honey it would look so much better on her!


  • Dymond

    She is getting too thick. She needs to lay off those Dime Curves pills.

  • Ermy Erm (BOOOO...Chitown predicting 8inches of snow today!)

    Serena looks like a man. Both her face and body is very masculine. Great tennis player but she is not good looking
    Thank you Lisa, thats all I’m sayin

  • Kaz

    Whoa! I’ve said it once, and I’ll gladly reiterate: Serena is the HOTTEST female athlete in the game right now!!!

  • Oshie

    I’d eat it, but I’d need a snorkel and a life preserver.

  • And...

    She can be cute, but she isn’t pretty.

    She may be attractive to some people, but she’s kind of hard in the face & haggard sometimes.

    I’m sure most men will stick their hand in the garbage disposal for a porkchop if their starving…

    Not taking anything from her, but she’s not everybody’s taste.

    She’s big and borderline manly…she doesn’t need to wear dresses with sleeves anymore either.

    Her stylist needed to be fired – she looked like Madea.

  • Ermy Erm (BOOOO...Chitown predicting 8inches of snow today!)

    LMAO WOW!! @ she looked like Madea….

    *still laughing*

    But Serena can play her ASS off! Thats the only time I watch tennis.


    she looks nice

    alll u ladies pop yo like this, shake ya body dont stop dont quit

  • Hotstuff

    Thank god for make up b/c she is harsh on my eyes…
    Are y’all sure she’s not related to Ben Wallace??????

  • derek

    Common must be outta his mind !!!!!!! I’d still be choppin that down like a wood chipper gone mad !!!! Maybe he Gay !!!! Does look a lil sweet sometime

  • DICooper

    Let’s all be honest though:

    Her body is definitely her best feature. How do you really feel about her face, fellas?

  • And...

    @ Hotstuff…


    It’s too early for you to be taking it there. Trippin that you said that, trippin.

    Ben Wallace?

    @ Ermy Erm…

    She did look like Madea several times & her wig was cocked.

    I just imagined her walking in the house, taking that wig off, dropping it on the table, scratching her head, plopping down in a chair with her legs open watching ESPN.

  • http://bos, toocute

    she looks gorgeous,great toned body,that’s what a great body is all about to me,not just having a big but,being thin or having a big chest means you have a good body,she has not one ounce of fat on her,luv Serena

  • And...

    Maybe Common knows something…

    She did play Jackie Long for Common.

    They were dating and she just started showing up in pics w/Common.

    She used to be the queen of white dudes & she used to date M. Vick.

    Maybe she has that Ron Mexico.

    *Just sayin….

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