Sheree Is Hot As Fish Grease

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Livesteez says Sheree Whitfield is not satisfied with her $1 million dollar divorce settlement:

Sheree Whitfield, one of the cast members on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” is less than happy with her recent divorce settlement  from ex-husband Bob Whitfield, and has filed an appeal with the Georgia Supreme Court. In a “Housewives” episode, Whitfield made it known that she wanted a seven figure settlement in her divorce from  the former Atlanta Falcons player. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Sheree was originally awarded $2,142.87 a month in child support for the couple’s two kids, who were 8 and 11 when the Whitfields divorced after seven years in 2007. She was also given more than $1.1 million in a marital property division, a lump sum payment of $775,000 and portions of three NFL retirement programs totaling somewhere in the neighborhood of $113,422 annually, but no alimony was awarded, the Fulton County public information officer revealed.The reality star also has been ordered to move out of a $2.6 million home in Sandy Springs, which she is fighting, saying she can’t afford to buy a home in the neighborhood her kids are accustomed to.Sheree’s lawyers argue that her lack of education (she has only a high school diploma) and inability to earn income are in stark contrast to the retired NFL star. On the show, Sheree attempted to start a fashion line, but was unsuccessful, and her Bella Azul clothing boutique failed soon after opening.

Sheree, and Deshawn Snow, are the only ones on the show with any piece of class. No matter what your education level is, you can still be elegant. God knows NeNe, and Kim will keep us entertained with the ghetto-fab mess. Sheree should get what she is owed no doubt, but she should be careful of being too greedy as well.


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  • Lite skin Sin

    Why be Happy when you can Bitch and moan about something???…..



  • Ermy Erm (BOOOO...Chitown predicting 8inches of snow today!)

    um wow

  • Truth b told

    The WHOLE ATL’s housewives season she had her nose soooo high in the air…thats why she aint got no man….get your head out your ass..or get some education….and stop living off waiting for checks from other niggas..

  • Truth b told (Columbus, OH to get 5" of snow today!)

    LOL @ erm…

    excited for the incoming weather 😉

  • JK

    Well damn I take a $1million and all the other property. That’s more than what most people have who only have a high shcool education.

  • memchee

    r u guyz effin’ kidding.

    Sheree has no class, is a definite shit starter.

    AND u don’t need a whole lotta education to make that money last a lifetime.


  • Carmellatte

    Damn, what more does she want. Her ex is not balling like that anymore cause he’s not even playing ball anymore! Get over yourself Sheree and be happy your kids will be taken cared of.

  • Kigali (Channeling her inner Dr. Laura and Judge Judy for Bossip retards)

    Here I am thinking gold digging only came in one color.

  • Katherine

    This is a perfect example of why women shouldnt be dependent on men…

  • Beyonce's Sweaty Croch

    seriously Sheree had some class on the show??? She couldn’t even have a classy fashion show, especially with not having any samples. Her best friend on the show was the unclassy Kim! And birds of a feather flock together. And her messy attitude is so junior high!

  • me

    What I don’t understand is why can’t she just go back to college and further her education to start making money for herself instead of trying to stick it to her ex-just because he may have the money???????? I swear some women are really make many of us hard working good women out in the world look bad…..I hope men don’t believe all women, not just black women are like this..because this is NOT my MO…

  • ATXChick

    me: i co-sign 100% to your comment, so true

  • BlackLADYDoctor

    Greedy what is greedy Bossip?

    I always thought I was a sports fan, but I’ve never heard of her husband until today. I remember Neon Deon, but not this Whitfield guy. I guess she needs more money to pay her lawyers. A good shark can be expensive.

  • DICooper

    “How much do you pay them?”

    [Filmore Slim shakes his head “no” in disbelief that the reporter isn’t getting it.]

  • Nacho

    I noticed how the the Housewives of Orange County (white girls) have no shame at all to not work and depend on their men. Compared to the Golddiggin sistas on Atlanta…always frontin with these BS charity events, trying to raise for single mom etc… What a joke! atleast the whitegirls dont go around frontin…they gold diggahs and thats that!

  • Sara

    I think the show only hurt her chances of a successfull settlement. She came off as a stuck up, money hungry bitch and not someone struggling to maintain her kids lifestyle. Plus I heard she was only married to him for 3 years, does that equal eveything she’s asking?

  • ezoneyes

    She should get a job if she want to stay in the neighborhood this is a classic case of NFL dumb ass wife club whom thinks the check will keep comin in even if he doesnt play anymore.. the chic was having shoes that cost over 1000 delivered to her house like she got will and jada money.. she is a gold digga..

  • eveinthegarden

    SMDH….classy? no. This woman is crazy. Certifiably. If she was SMART she’d take the settlement.

  • Marquis de Sade

    You *don’t* marry it, breed with it, co-habitate with it and last, but not least – FALL IN LOVE WITH IT! UGH!



  • Blacksmith

    @ me, Amen to that!!! For real.

    Bob Whitfield never had that kind of contract. So I’m not sure how she thought she was going to come up off a guy who never made that much to begin with.

    It makes me mad that these women are out shopping while their husbands are on the field. What these broads should be doing is getting a degree and a job skill so that when their baller husbands divorce them, they can go get a job.

    Financial independence is a beautiful thing, and it’s not about “not needing a man”, it’s about knowing if sonmething serious happens to you or your loved one, all will be okay.

    It’s 2009 ladies, lets fill our own bank accounts with our own hard-earned dough and let these hungry broads play themselves out.

  • hmmmm

    The word elegant and class do not equate to Sheree. I suggest she take her ass back to school and invest in a degree.

  • Reign

    I think you mean Lisa and DeShawn are the only ones with class. Lisa is the short one that’s bi-racial.

  • c from stl

    @Bossip….I totally disagree with calling her classy. She came off to me as a stuck up and an unnecessarily snobby gold digging b1tch. I think with the recession and all that she needs to go ahead and stick with the settlement and talk to a financial planner to learn how to be smart with her money….especially with the lump sum she was awarded. She can invest that in the right areas and she would probably be cool for a while. In the meantime she can go educate herself and stop using her lack of skills and education as a crutch. Stupid b1tch….

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