Chris Brown and Rihanna So Cold in da “D”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Princess Ri-Ri was colder than a mofo out in Dublin, Ireland the other day while spending time outside with her boo boo, Chris Brown.  Poor Breezy looks weak from ravaging Rihanna’s cakes all day long.  That kid’s got it rough.

Still SMH @ “It’s So Cold in da D”

Sorry, no hot chocolate, but we do have more pics when you…

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  • Traylin


  • Truth b told

    Bossip always tryna hate on C breezy between the sheets with Rhi RHi….

    He’s one lucky ass guy…they make an adorable couple..

  • Traylin

    Numero uno..yes!!!! They are cute together!

  • k

    top 5

  • chookyman

    top 10

  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    Watch out for that nigga wit dem gator boots, you might get the shit smacked outta you in front of ur bitch which is never a good look

  • Lisa

    I love them together, they seem like they married.

  • BE

    I guess it is cold but why yall making up stuff about him looking tired? and who is following them all around the country?

  • Ashlie

    What does [So Cold in da “D”] actually mean????

  • Coco Lndn

    its my b-day and i’m feelin a bit sad, but ‘its so cold in the d’ always makes me smile.. so thanks for that!

  • NYC Gal

    The hottest couple in Entertainment today!

  • Lauren

    What does [So Cold in da “D”] actually mean????


    Its cold in Dublin, Ireland D comes from Dublin…

  • courtney

    ssssssssssssssoo cute…!!!! what does SMH mean?????

  • NEXT

    Bitch has a nasty COLD-SORE, is all. A hefty one, at that!
    People get them all the time, I don’t see why she’s hiding it!
    You guys have seen pics of this girl in the Winter time ALL THE TIME. She’s NEVER this covered up!
    I hope this brings her down from the high she’s at, and humble her for a while!

  • courtney

    they are sooooooooooooo…………adorable wish them well. what does SMH mean??????????????

  • Nigga Said

    I think I might need to take Breezy’s coat from him. I like that shit right there. I’ll take his women off his hands as well.

  • nina

    chris is looking so good in this picture when he grows up he’s gonna be a problem….a good problem.

  • *MiSsUnderSto0d*

    @ whoever asked: ACTUALLY, “its so cold in the D” is a retarded (yet extra funny) song made by T Baby..she has a video on you tube, and mad blogs have been posting it up due to her atrocious singing lol

    @ courtney
    SMH= Shakin My Head 😉

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    TOP TWO-O you SKIN BLEACHERz selloUTZ !!!!!!!!!

  • me

    I was wondering the same thing, who’s following them all around the country to take pictures? people need to get a life.

  • bobbi

    LMAO@ “It’s So Cold In Tha D”. I think I’ll go watch it again to lift my spirits! LOLOL…

  • jaybaba

    ya’all beta let dem be dey look cool togrther..dont matter if its winter or summer..

  • jjj / Proud Jamaican

    Rih Rih is looking cute and nicely dressed!

  • Leah

    she got a cold sore datsz y she coverin her mouth, altho it iz bare cold dwn in england,lyk -12

  • Lashel

    actually she is not cold she has a cold sore go to and look at the rest of the dublin pics…she trying hard to hide that herpes *cough* excuse me “cold sore” ;p lol

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