Wayne Brady: "No One Can Be Harder On Black People Than Black People"

Quote Of The Day: Wayne Brady Defends His Blackness And Says “No One Can Be Harder On Black People Than Black People”

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Wayne Brady

Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a beyotch?!

In recent interview with BET, the Let’s Make A Deal host discussed “blackness” among other things…

You are a true triple threat. You can really sing, act, dance and even break-dance. Being a Black man, has that been a help or hindrance in your career?

It has worked to my advantage and to my detriment depending on the project. Most people in life like things handed to them on a very digestible, easily deciphered platform. But from the time I was a child, I refused to fit into a little box, because that was what was instilled in me from my grandmother who raised me. My job is to continue to keep doing work that reminds people, “Don’t sleep on me.” Whether it is something like [my skit on] the Chappelle Show, which people still talk about, or even my recent performance at the 2013 BET Honors. Every time I have a moment that makes people see me and go, “Did he just do that?” Then I’m doing a good thing. That’s a win for me.

Blackness comes in all packages. Why do you think who you are as a person has come under scrutiny?

No one can be harder on Black people than Black people. And I understand that, we like to claim what’s ours — we are a very loyal audience. We like to call people out when we feel they’re not being what we want them to be. I get that too. What irks me is when the person who says, “Oh, Wayne Brady isn’t Black enough for this role,” is the 26-year old white screenwriter. Then, when the creative people cast the “Blackest” dude for the role it perpetuates that idea. If we just said there are a million ways to be Black that would be amazing. Just think how much we could get done.

Damn, even after his shenanigans on Chapelle’s Show and saying he would slap the isht out of Black-Tranny-Loving Bill Maher people still don’t think lil ole Wayne B ain’t black enough???? Lol.

Peep the interview in its entirety HERE


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