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Some Afternoon Boobage F-Listed

Lindsay Still Won’t Take Responsibility Celebslam

And Here We Go Again… Lossip

Ciara at New York Notorious Premiere Livesteez

Joe Budden Gets at Dj Vlad on the Shade 45 Morning Show Angela Yee Sick Hop

Kate Hudson Gives Anne Hathaway a Beat-Down Cele|Bitchy

35th Annual People’s Choice Awards Winners Hollyscoop

Amy Winehouse is the New Nike Spokesperson Drunken Stepfather

Paula Abdul Brings Her Dog to Her Doctor’s Appointment I’m Not Obsessed

Jeremy Piven is in Trouble The Blemish

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  • Re is excited to see GAMBIT in May. FINALLY!

    Is it too much to ask for a bra that fits?

  • told you so

    looks just fine to me

  • Re is excited to see GAMBIT in May. FINALLY!

    (or bathing suit)

  • Aunt Viv

    Ill-fitting bikini top, wolf-like eyebrows, lip gloss over the lip line…it just screams Long Island strip-mall tacky to me 😦

  • DICooper

    Watch it… I’m from Long Island.

    All I can say is Yay for Yurizan!

    This chick is on bang!

  • told you so

    hmm, No…chick still looks good. dont know what you two are talking about.

  • +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++jv+++++++++++

    yo she fine. i’m more of a booty-man but she is looking GOOD!!

    damn link doesn’t work though

  • Candid Canuck


  • http://bossip AKeys

    Very Beautiful I don’t like big boobs

  • http://bossip AKeys

    @ Aunt Viv

    Hey Hunny!!!

  • Mock Rock Star is taking over

    Computer got hot under the collar

  • Mock Rock Star is taking over


    Computer is acting funny so I’m bout to take a nap

    See ya later 😉

  • Sick Bassard

    Ha… this is a much better picture of her.

  • http://bossip B*MOre BaBy


  • http://bossip AKeys


  • liquidmanforever

    ….i knew it….and that’s why i love you bitch!…..

  • liquidmanforever

    ….i don’t mean to be vile at all MOCK, but you know that i owe you this for your bitchy attitude the other night, when u thought that i was cock blocking your action with Z……

    …..yeah, i know that was terrible, but you bring this vile shit out of me……..can’t let you slide, but we can be friends after this…..

  • liquidmanforever

    … here it goes…..

  • liquidmanforever

    …..Mock Rock Star got arrested for shop lifting booty beads and vaseline out of the corner sex shop store in Atlantic City…….

  • liquidmanforever

    …..wait a minute i gotta go pee…..i’ll be right back to tear Mock’s ass up….really i will…..

  • liquidmanforever

    ….Mock Rock Star is beautiful to me and handsome to her hoes…..

  • liquidmanforever

    ….Mock Rock Star played the gimp locked in the suitcase in the movie Pulp Fiction…….

  • liquidmanforever

    ….Mock Rock Star received the Macking Hoes award in her Compton California yearbook………

  • Mock Rock Star is taking over


    I wasn’t even coming @ u wrong sir. I was against corporate america although my mouth isa bit flippant I wasn’t starting beef with U…remember in the past I said I like our gravie and of course I’m not worry about Z going anywhere…but she is free to do as she pleases

  • liquidmanforever

    …..Mock Rock Star got caught running out of Pastor Jenkins house while blowing kisses at the pastor’s daughter, running but naked in the street with nothing on but a strapped on dildo……

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