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Another day another naughty teacher caught acting like a thirsty ho with a kid!

Via NY Daily News reports:

A high school librarian who was busted in May for pursuing a student for sex by bombarding him with cell phone photos of her bare breasts is expected to be sentenced Feb. 26 to three years’ probation for endangering the welfare of a child.

Marisa Anton “burst into tears” last year when she turned up at the 16-year-old’s house thinking she was going to sleep with the teen – only to be detained by officers.

The 33-year-old, a staffer at New Rochelle High School in New York, also exchanged nasty text messages saying exactly what she was wanted to do with her alleged victim.

She reportedly talked about “slaughtering” him sexually, begged him for sex and turned up at his home where she pushed him onto his bed and pulled down his trousers.

Details of the sting were revealed in city police records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by the Journal News.

They show that, at one point, Anton became worried about getting into trouble.

She urged the boy to delete all their text and emails, sending him details of penal codes of possible crimes she could be charged with.

She also sent him a link to a news story about a teacher arrested for having sex with a student.

An investigation was launched on May 27 last year. The student said he was happy flirting with Anton at first, but became concerned as the relationship progressed.

“At first I was just kind of playing around with her and wanted to see how far I could take it, but she seemed to be very interested in actually having sex,” he said. “We then started texting with each other. The conversations and texts became more intense and sexual in nature. She offered several times to come to my house and pick me up and bring me to her home. ”

The teen said he never went because he was too nervous.

” I told her that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to, but she kept asking. She said she was going to come to my house right then,” he said. ” I got nervous because she was talking about ‘slaughtering’ me. She told me she would not hurt me, but I felt the situation was getting out of hand.”

Anton was arrested on May 30, when she arrived at his home after he had told her to buy condoms.

Yeah we would have been nervous too. What is wrong with these broads — don’t they know it’s easy enough to pick up some perfectly legal cougar bait — like some college age boys who WANT to be sexually “slaughtered”? No need to throw yourself on some young jawn who will be scarred for life!

New Rochelle Police


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