Lawsuits: Grad Student At Lehigh University Suing School For $1.3 Million Over Professor’s C+ Grade “Conspiracy”

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These teachers wanna hold her back…

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Getting a grade you don’t deserve in school is worth about $1 million in damages, according to a lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania.

A former student at Lehigh University is so unhappy with the C+ she received in a course in 2009 has decided to sue the school for $1.3 million, claiming the unfair grade has ruined her future earning potential.

Because of the average mark on her transcript, Megan Thode, 27, was not be able to become a licensed professional counselor, the lawsuit claims.

Thode, who was attending her graduate program for free, also believes the low mark was part of an effort to force her out of the department, her lawyer, Richard J. Orloski, told The Morning Call.

Now she wants the grade changed, arguing that she was unfairly marked down by a teacher with a vendetta.

“She’s literally lost a career,” said Orloski.

They see you workin’, they hatin’…

Thode got the C+ in a fieldwork class during her second year of a master’s program. She needed a B or above to move on the next required course. Thode claims her teacher gave her a “zero” for class participation because she complained about having to take on an extra internship. That low mark, allegedly the result of human bias, left Thode with the C grade, her lawyer said.

The lawsuit also claims that Thode was marked down in her class because she was an advocate for gay and lesbian rights.

Lawyers for Lehigh University have dismissed the claim as frivolous.

“She has to get through the program. She has to meet the academic standards,” attorney Neil Hamburg said…

Another lawyer for the school, Michael Sacks, told the court that Thode got the grade she deserved after exhibiting “unprofessional behavior” in class that included swearing and having an outburst in which she began crying.

It’s going to be tough to prove that the teacher INTENTIONALLY gave this girl a C+ out of spite, but if she just so happens to win this case salty students will be coming out of the woodworks to file similar lawsuits.

Hell, WE might go find a lawyer.

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  • Dp

    As a social worker, I fully support the school giving her a C+. This is a grad program, there’s no crying!! I’ve seen too many people in my own program, or other counseling programs, that have this expectation of geting good frades because they’re making the “sacrifice” of going into a profession that doesn’t pay a lot. Some people were not meant to do the hard work of counseling people because they have they own demons to work out. I’ve seen elitist, s3xist, racist people graduate from counseling programs and I WISH the schools had higher standards. Especially since they are responsible for helping others. Also, your ability to be hired is dependent on a professional licensing exam-not necessary your GPA.

    Look into some other work-if you went to the program for free, you don’t have to worry about paying back loans.

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