True Or False??? Are Beyonce And Camel Into “50 Shades Of Grey” Freakiness In The Bedroom??

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Bey Jay Freaky

We always knew there had to be some dirt in Bey’s Julius-guarded closet

Alleged Secrets About Beyonce And Jay-Z Sex Life Revealed

While King Beysus Christ is getting ready for her revealing weekend take-over with Oprah and her much-anticipated HBO documentary “Life Is But A Dream”, she have bitten off more than she is willing to swallow as a “source” has let loose some info about how she and hubby Hov get down in the sack!

While we were perusing Star Magazine we came across an interesting little story:

While she lets Jay-Z be the alpha male most of the time, Beyonce takes charge when it’s Booty Thirty.

“She loves tying him up,” a spy reports. “She’s such a demure woman in public, but behind bedroom doors she’s absolutely wild.”

The singer “even has sex with Jay-Z before every performance to help calm her nerves,” says a close pal.

Guess when you’re married you gotta find a way to spice things up from time to time. We read in GQ that Bey has video/audio of almost every aspect of her life, that said, we are patiently waiting the day that a private freak flick leaks with Jay-Z hog-tied like a Hawaiian pig.

With isht like this poppin’ off Blue Ivy should have a brother or sister playmate sooner than later…

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