Happy Valentine’s Day!!! CDC Announces America Is Home To 110 Million Cases Of HIV, HPV, Chlamydia, Herpes & More STDs

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Wrap it up this Vday!

CDC Announces New Stats About STDs

Timing is everything in the disease business, which is probably why the United States Centers for Disease Control waited until Valentine’s Day to announce that the United States is home to 110 million sexually transmitted diseases.

Via Bloomberg reports:

People ages 15 to 24 account for half of the annual cases, according to reports released yesterday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There are about 110 million total infections among U.S. men and women of all ages, the agency said, with the most common infection human papillomavirus, a virus linked to cancer.

Young people have borne a disproportionate burden of sexually transmitted diseases for as long as the Atlanta-based CDC has kept records, said Catherine Satterwhite, an author of one of the reports and a CDC epidemiologist. They often don’t have good insurance or difficulties accessing care, she said.

“We’ve seen a disproportionate burden for quite a while,” Satterwhite said in a telephone interview. “Young women in particular are at greater risk.”

The CDC reported data on eight sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, herpes and HPV.

The data from 2008, the most recent comprehensive information available, isn’t directly comparable with previous studies because of changes in the reporting methods. However, some trends, including that of younger patients, have persisted.

All sexually transmitted diseases are preventable, many are curable and all are treatable, Satterwhite said. Getting more people tested more appropriately, such as making sure more young women are screened for chlamydia and making sure all sexually active adults are tested for HIV at least once, would help, she said.

Once again, Happy Valentine’s Day.

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