What The Hell? 1-Year-Old Child Swallows 42 Refrigerator Magnets In Minutes After Being Left Alone In The Kitchen

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1-Year-Old Child Swallows 42 Refrigerator Magnets

A 1-Year-Old boy is reportedly in recovery after being rushed to the hospital for swallowing 42 magnets taken off of the refrigerator when his mother “briefly” turned her back. The x-ray above was taken once the toddler and his mother arrived at the hospital.

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When a Russian mother noticed a “large shortage” of magnets from her refrigerator, she pinned her 16-month-old son as the culprit. Except the boy hadn’t just taken the magnets off the kitchen fridge– he’d swallowed them, according to the Austrian Times

Doctors had to surgically remove an alarming 42 toy magnets from the baby’s stomach on Tuesday, said spokesman Olga Terekhina in a Chelyabinsk Oblast Children’s Hospital announcement.

The mother rushed her son to a local clinic, where an ultrasound revealed dozens of marble-sized magnets filling up his abdomen, according to the Daily Mail. He went straight to the operating room, and was reportedly in recovery on Tuesday.

Pediatric surgeon Nikolai Mikhailovich said he’s extracted as many as two dozen magnets or foreign objects at one time, but 42 pieces was a “record” for him, according to the release.

Toddlers are very busy and get into things all the time, but 42 magnets? This lil crumb snatcher was going for a world record. Thank goodness he’s ok!

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  • Purple_Crayon

    Thank goodness he’s ok and didn’t choke!

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