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Bobbi Kris is fed up with her grandmother!

Bobbi Kristina Vows To Cut Cissy Off Financially

Sources claim Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina is so angry over her grandmother Cissy Houston’s new book ‘Remembering Whitney’ that she’s swearing to cut Cissy off financially…

Via The Globe:

“[Bobbi Kristina] believes Cissy cashed in on her beloved mom’s death by writing the book. She says it stirs up rumors Whitney had a lesbian relationship with her former personal assistant, Robyn Crawford.

“And she deeply resents the way Cissy dishes dirt on her father, Bobby Brown, whom her grandmother blames for Whitney’s drug addiction problems.”

Furious Krissi reportedly hung up when Cissy called to patch things up.

“When Cissy phoned to say she never intended to hurt Bobbi Kristina or tarnish Whitney’s image, Krissi told her she never wanted to speak to her again — then slammed the phone down,” says the source.

The angry youngster has also vowed to cut her Gospel-legend granny out of any part of Whitney’s $20 million estate, says the source. Bobbi Kristina stands to inherit her mom’s fortune in 2014 on her 21st birthday.

[Bobbi Kristina] believes Cissy and the rest of the family “want to control her life and her fortune,” says the second source. “She’s vowed never to let that happen — and won’t give them a dime of her mother’s money. She says the book Cissy wrote was the last straw — just another attempt to cash in on her mom’s hard work and talent — and now her death!”

How can she know the book is disrespectful if she hasn’t even read it? Bobbi Kris is still grieving but so is her grandmother (probably more than her). Maybe this book is away for Cissy to find some closure in her daughters death, and yes make money.

Do you think Bobbi Kris should cut off Cissy??



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