Florida Crazies: Epitome Of A Bad Mother Arrested After Her 10-Year-Old Son Is Found Nekkid Wandering The Streets After She Got Him Slizzard

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This woman truly ain’t isht. Meet Nedra Byrd. She gave her kid four shots of brandy brandy and then fell asleep while he wandered slizzard in the streets with no clothes on.

Via Huff Po reports:

A bare nekkid 10-year-old boy was allegedly found wandering around a Florida neighborhood drunk on brandy his mother gave him.

Nedra Byrd, 31, was arrested and faces child neglect charges after a couple noticed the woman’s son in the buff and seemingly intoxicated on Thursday night, 10 News reported.

The Spring Hill, Fla., couple brought the boy to Amanda Roesch, a neighbor, who notified police.

“He was so intoxicated he didn’t realize that he didn’t have any clothes on,” Roesch told 10 News.

Authorities found the boy’s mother passed out in her home, according to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office. Fox6Now reported that police also found a half-empty bottle of brandy on the woman’s counter.

When deputies woke Byrd, she allegedly said her son was in his room, and added that she was “drunk as hell.”

Detectives say the 10-year-old told them his mother had given him four shots of the hard liquor, according to 10 News.

Bloodwork done by the Department of Children and Families later revealed that the child’s blood alcohol content was .108. To put that in perspective, in Florida, an adult with a BAC of .08 or above is considered under the influence.

“This little boy, he said all I want for my mommy is to go to rehab and to get anger management,” Roesch added, “because mommy drinks to feel better ’cause she’s mad.”

According to 10 News, Byrd left jail on a $1,000 bond Friday evening.

That poor baby. We hope that he is placed in a good home because clearly his mother is in no shape to raise him right now. Bless his heart.

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