Idiots: Father Arrested For Feeding His 2-Month-Old Baby Bleach, He “Heard It Helped Clear Up Congestion”

- By Bossip Staff

Carron Washington

You have to be one dumb motherfawker to think that filling your 2-month-old baby’s bottle with bleach is going to be beneficial…


A 2-month-old baby was recovering Sunday after authorities said her father added bleach to her baby formula. Ocala Police Department Sgt. Michael Summer said Carron Washington, 20, fed Caelynn Washington bleach because he heard it could help with the baby’s congestion.

According to a police report, the child’s mother went into the child’s room after she heard her crying, and the child spit up a clear liquid that smelled like bleach. She called 911, and the child was taken to the hospital. A hospital employee called police.

“You smell the baby bottle and it smells like complete bleach. And the parents aren’t giving us a good story about how it got in there,” the caller told a 911 dispatcher. Police said Carron Washington broke down crying at the police station and admitted to putting bleach in the child’s bottle, saying he heard from a friend in school that it works as a medical cure. He said he mixed less than a cap-full of bleach with less than two ounces of formula.

The baby was originally taken to Munroe Regional Medical Center in Ocala but was moved to Shands Medical Center in Gainesville, where she was listed in stable condition. Medical staff said they noticed the baby’s vomit smelled like bleach, and the bottle of baby formula also smelled the same way.

Washington faces charges of aggravated child abuse. He was held on $25,000 bond.

Seriously, though??? He could not have really thought that feeding his baby bleach was a good idea. SMH.

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  • TarQueesha

    Isn’t that Gucci Mane????

  • currvalicious

    Pleases remove this child permanently from their custody, b/c it only gets worse from this point. If they’re (parents) are this ignorant & baby is only 2 mos, can you imagine.

  • Stacey

    LYes i am from baltimore,and just moved to the south and i here that very same thing about bleach down here and i sad to my self .’..these folkes are grazy…..they say beach is the cure all down hear ,if you get a cold take some bleach and i said no way im a city girl and we dont eat bleach…lol

  • Stacey

    The whole slow south think that way about bleach .i believe somebody told him the same thing. i believe him,he didn’t think it was wrong,but use sly they say only give a tea spoons full..’.funny as hell ever since i got her lol

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