Is Bobbi Kristina Toting A Gut Full Of “Brother Nick” AND In Danger Of Taking Her Own Life?

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This poor chile just can’t get right! The latest reports out of the Houston family camp is that Bobbi Kristina is grappling with deep depression and may also be with child!

Via National Enquirer reports:

One year after Whitney Houston’s trag­ic death, family members fear that her emotionally fragile daughter BOBBI KRISTINA is both pregnant and suicidal, sources told The ENQUIRER.

“For weeks she’s been look­ing like she’s pregnant, and it’s a big worry because she has gone off the rails again, suffering deep depression,” revealed an insider.

To make matters worse, Bobbi Kristina – known as “Krissi” to friends – is reel­ing from the pain she feels over all the reminders of her mom’s shocking Feb. 11, 2012, death and a bitter war she is waging against her grandmother for writing a tell-all book.

THE FAMILY IS SO WORRIED about Bobbi Kristina going over the edge, they’ve con­vinced her ex-boyfriend Nick Gordon to move into the 19-year-old’s Georgia town­house.

“Even though they initially didn’t approve of Nick when he and Krissi first got together, they now want him back in her life to keep her under control,” said the insider. “They know he is about the only person who has a calming effect on her. He’s very protective of her and can hopefully keep her from self-destructing.”

They feel 23-year-old Nick is up to the difficult task because the two are exceedingly close. Af­ter his mother could no longer care for him, Nick was taken into Whitney’s household and raised as a member of the family. Eventually, a romance blossomed between the two.

“They broke up in November,” said a fam­ily friend. “But now her grandma Cissy and her uncle Gary and aunt Pat (Houston) decided they had to encourage the relationship because Krissi listens to Nick. They’re just hoping he can keep her from returning to the party life.”

A spokesperson for Bobbi Kristina says she is neither pregnant nor suicidal, however the Enquirer claims other sources say she’s definitely fighting a battle to keep her emotions in check right now.

“Krissi is still crying over her mother and can’t believe she’s gone,” a family friend told The ENQUIRER. “And as the anniversary of Whit­ney’s death got closer, she got more and more upset.

“She’d be fine one minute and then would fly into a rage over the smallest thing. When anyone tried to help her, she would either burst into tears or get angry and say, ‘I don’t need any help. Stay away from me!’

“Her family fears if she gets the chance, she could take her life to be with her mother again.”

Confused and lonely, Bobbi Kristina’s spirits have fallen so low recently, “she’s openly sug­gested that she’s thought about killing herself,” revealed an insider.

“She said, ‘I’m nothing without Mom. I can’t go on by myself. I want to be with Mom!’”

And there’s good reason to take her seriously.

As The ENQUIRER revealed in 2008, Bobbi Kristina has already tried to take her own life, slashing her wrists with a razor blade after trying to stab her mom during a heated argument.

The shocking suicide attempt landed her in a psychiatric ward at Atlanta’s Peachford hospital days before a planned celebration of her 15th birthday. She was admitted with bandages on both arms from wrist to elbow, and ended up staying three days.

Alarmingly, her aunt Pat and others recently noticed that the distraught teen’s behavior has again become frightening. She can suddenly become explosive – throwing lamps or vases around the house, say sources.

A few weeks ago, she erupted in a rage while driving, took a turn too fast and ran her car off the road. Then she acted like nothing had happened!

NOW, FAMILY MEMBERS FEAR SHE’S SO FRAGILE that anything might send her over the edge. As she struggles to come to grips with her mom’s death, she doesn’t seem to know who to trust.

“Krissi wants to know why all these people are claiming to love her mom be­cause she remembers some of these same people were making fun of her mother’s drug use and never tried to help,” said the friend.

She’s especially upset with her 79-year-old grandmother, Cissy Houston, for writing a tell-all book, “Remembering Whitney: My Story of Love, Loss and the Night the Music Stopped.”

Bobbi Kristina feels that Cissy betrayed her mother, continued the friend. “She says she knows Whitney would not have approved of the book, and yet she wrote it anyway – just for money.

“She says it is the biggest slap in the face to her mother and she’ll NEVER for­give her grandmother!”

In a surprising twist, Bobbi Kristina and Whitney’s former best friend, Robyn Crawford, have bonded over their fury with the late singer’s mother, say sources.

Robyn, 48 – long rumored to have been Whitney’s gay lover – is upset about nasty cracks gos­pel-singing legend Cissy made about her in the book, and now friends wonder whether the deep connection between the troubled teen and Robyn might help the teen cope with her mother’s death. Whitney’s representa­tives and Robyn have denied the lesbian allegations in the past.

“Circumstances make strange bedfellows,” said a source. “Krissi has turned to Robyn not only to learn more about her moth­er’s life before she was born but, more importantly, to find a way to cut Cissy off at the knees.

“The two have grown so close that friends are saying they wouldn’t be surprised if Krissi ultimately turns to Robyn for help.”

This isn’t the first time Bobbi Kristina was rumored to be toting a gut full, and based on her state of mind, the timing couldn’t be worse. As for her friendship with Robyn Crawford, we can’t even hate cuz the kid seems like she needs support wherever she can find it.


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