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After continuing to insist she was “signed to Jay,” but refusing to explain further, the surly rapper finally erupted: “See, what people don’t know is that I initiated leaving Def Jam. They didn’t drop me, they could never drop me. I am a multiplatinum artist.” Egypt then tried to quiz Brown about her conviction for assaulting a manicurist. “I am not getting into what took place in the nail salon because it was an unfortunate incident that I learned from,” Brown snapped. “But you contacted me to talk about these things,” Egypt shot back. “This is your opportunity, your platform to set the record straight. You have to admit that people say you are hard to work with and have a bad attitude.” When Ashy tried to pick up the questioning, Brown roiled, “I am not answering you. You are disrespectful.” She then berated Egypt, “I told you when I called you what type of questions I wanted for my interview.” Egypt finally commanded, “Foxy, you leave the room . . . this interview is over.”

Car accidents, fights, court hearings, being dropped from your record label, being kicked off a radio show,etc. Just a normal day for Foxxy Brown. SMH@ “They didn’t drop me, they could never drop me. I am a multiplatinum artist.” Multiplatinum artists get dropped too, especially when they haven’t had a hit in almost a decade. To listen to the audio of Foxy getting the boot, click here.


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