Hometown Heroes: Police Officers Save ‘Frozen’ Newborn’s Life After She Was Wrongly Pronounced Dead And On The Way To The Coroner

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Police Officers Save ‘Frozen’ Baby Who Was Wrongly Declared Dead

Two local police officers have represented well and are being praised for their profound attention to detail that saved the life of a newborn baby girl.

via USA Today

Two alert police officers are credited with saving the life of a baby girl who was wrongly declared dead after being born outside in freezing temperatures in Toronto.

The girl’s mother had attempted to walk to a hospital in temperatures around zero Fahrenheit, but she didn’t make it and ended up giving birth on a frigid sidewalk, the Toronto Star reports.

Hospital staff tried to revive the newborn, but she was declared dead and covered with a sheet.

Two police officers waited with the body for the coroner to arrive and after almost two hours, one of them spotted movement under the sheet.

The officer felt for a pulse and alerted medical staff, who confirmed the baby was alive. She is now in stable condition, along with her 20-year-old mother.

So many questions surrounding this story, beginning with why the mother was attempting to walk to the hospital to give birth versus calling 911 if she was unable to get a ride.

Nevertheless, thank goodness that this child is alive and in stable condition.   There could have been a much worse ending to this story but instead, there’s a new life to the credit of these police officers.


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