Ya Mama Don’t Wear No Drawls: Kendra Wilkinson Says Little Hank Found A Freaky Flick From Her Playboy Past!

- By Bossip Staff

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Kendra Wilkinson you got some ‘splainin’ to do! We’ve wondered how long it would take for Kendra’s adorable son little Hank to discover her freaknasty past, but it turns out it’s already happened.

Kendra opened up to Celebrity Jabber at an OK! MAGAZINE’S Grammy Event presented by CIROC saying:

“He’s not so little anymore. He’s 3-years-old but he acts like he’s 23-years-old. He runs rules on us. I’m not joking. He is like an old Italian grump stuck in this little baby body. He is so mean. He’s very respectful, he’s not like a bully, but he’s just mean. He sees this nekkid photo of me on Hank’s bathroom mirror. It’s me on the beach, nekkid for Playboy and little Hank comes in and goes, “Mama what are you doing here?”

I’m like, ‘Mama’s swimming in the ocean.’

And he’s like, ‘But you’re so dirty!’

I was like , ‘I’m just swimming, I’m swimming!’

“This is the funnest age yet. I’m learning as I go. It’s funny because everyone was saying what are you going to do in those moments when he sees a nekkid photo? Well it happened already. I reacted the best way I could’ve. It’s fun.”

Now that’s a smart kid… SMH.

What do you think about Kendra’s “It’s fun” response?

Do you think Little Hank will be chopping down jawns at an early age? Or will he be saving himself for marriage after being scarred by his mama being a lil too open about her sexuality?


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