Rihanna: “Keep Your Hands off My Man”

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Pull out the Vaseline – manufactured diva hopeful, Alexandra Burke, is trying to push up on Breezy, and RiRi is not having any of that:

Rihanna is keeping boyfriend Chris Brown on a tight leash – she has banned him from having any contact with British pop star Alexandra Burke, according to reports. Burke – who won the British equivalent of American Idol, X Factor, in December last year – has made no secret of her crush on Brown.

So, in a bid to keep any love rivals at bay, Umbrella hitmaker Rihanna reportedly banned Alexandra from an after-party following 19-year-old Chris’ gig at London’s O2 Arena earlier this month. A source tells Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper, “Alex was mortified. She had no idea she had been banned from meeting her idol.

“She’s a massive fan of Chris Brown – she said numerous times on The X Factor how much she fancies him and wants to meet him. “Since she and Chris are both with Sony, she asked label bosses if they could arrange for her to meet him at the after-party.

“They said that was fine, they would sort it out. “Poor Alex was so excited about hooking up with Chris that she was even thinking of entering a radio competition to meet him.”

Look at Lil Miss Sunshine playing dirty. We didn’t know she had it in her. Sounds like she’ll do whatever it takes to keep them heffahs away from her man. Handle it.


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  • Shinig Star

    The charm Rihanna has put over chris will soon wear off….He still creeps anyway. Just because a female wants to meet your man whom you claim is just a good friend… I’ll keep praying for RiRi and her hairline….

  • Lisa

    Shoot can you blame RiRi? I heard Chris is working with something.

  • http://bossip.com Mahogany

    Good a.m.

  • Reesie....of Cephus and Reesie

    Good Mornin’ ya’ll!

  • Next

    Chris Brown is a diva! I can remember that he acted backstage on a concert very childish.
    I can’t stand this boy..he already thinks he is the next MJ or something.

  • Triple T

    A great way to start to week Bossip.

    Somebody need to keep RiRi on a tight leash. Fast little heffah.

  • Honey B.

    Rhi Rhi needs to calm down and stop acting like a b!tch. I don’t see a problem with the girl meeting Chris Brown if she is a huge fan of his. His whole fan base is full of girls, is she gone ban them from meeting him too. CB has been kinda wack ever since he started dating Rhi Rhi, she’s probably gone try to ruin his career and leave him and start back hoeing around Hollyweird again.

  • MWNY

    I don’t know about that because American Idol winner Jordan had a crush on Chris too and they still did a song together.

  • Mz_Magnificent1 LUVS Her Prez

    Good am folks…

    I knew Rhianna had some crazy girlfriend in her…she just seems like that would smile in your face right before she whipped out the switchblade.

  • Mz_Magnificent1 LUVS Her Prez

    *she seems like the type that would smile in your face*
    Sorry for any typos!

  • cmoore


  • bobobobo

    that sounds too weird…….i don’t think its true….still love alexandraaaaa

  • Playlist

    She is quite unattractive.

  • Oooooweeee

    Go Alexandra!

    She is way talented and can sing unlike Rihanna’s cold sore-self.


    MTO you are Rihanna stanning cause you aint say nothing about that obvious HERPE…poor chile.

  • Jewish Baby

    if she hires more jews then no one can touch her

  • Maybeline

    Chris publiclly stated that there was no attraction to Jordin..besides Chris seems to go for the more feminine petite type of girls..and let’s face it Jordin is not that girl! LOL

    I’ve seen pics of Alex and trust Rih has nothing to be scared about, LOL!

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    TOP 2-0 you talentless skin bleacherz!!!!!!

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Chris needs to dump this braud STAT

  • Single White Female

    it’s a problem because she know you can fvck anywhere anytime. She met t.i now she got herpes. lol why you not talking about that bossip? You see her lip 😀

  • Tracey

    RiRi is just mad because Alex won the X factor with Beyonce’s helping hand. After Ri had to go a running when she was meant to appear on the show.

    Besides Alex is annoying as they come, she acts and talks to ****ing much and goes over the top.

    I would very much doubt Brown would leave RiRi for Alex, and if Ri has to warn people of her man or hold him on a leash, then she is obviously in a bad relationship or it speaks more about herself.

    Bossip there is a serious techincal bug hitch with your site, on main page I get some funky ding donk noises!!! fix it!

  • Mz Blaze


  • Tracey

    FYI I dont remember hearing alex says she fancies chris brown, and Alex has also got a man banned slapped on her from her mentor Mrs football WAG cole, something to do with the sex tape that got out….but I never saw that either LOL


    I don’t think it’s true either, but if it is i can kinda see her point, afterall alexandra does have a history of messin round with ppl’s husbands. Damn i wish i didn’t know that about her because otherwise I think Alexandra comes across as a really nice girl and super talented by the way for those who don’t know.

  • http://www.youtube.com/skorpionshow The Skorpion Show

    Rihanna is a hot insecure mess

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