The Hood Life: 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick Scheduled To Host Party At Janky Church-Turned-Nightclub

- By Bossip Staff

Colin K ratchet club

Has NFL stardom already corrupted America’s newest favorite mulatto baller?

We received an email today about an alleged nightclub appearance by San Francisco Superbowl quarterback Colin Kaepernick in Bumblefawk, Georgia that we just couldn’t believe.

I’m at my cousin’s apartment in Warner Robins, Georgia and all these girls are talking about this. I knew he was mixed, but for some reason I thought he identified more with his “white” side. Guess I was wrong.

I mean, this “club” used to be a small town church, it’s like 15 miles down a back road and it’s about as ratchet as it gets. I went once with my cousin and her friends but 30+ year old Frats and thugs in wrinkled baggy clothes trying to holla turned me off.

I went to get a mixed drink, they told me all they served were bud light, Four Loko and wine coolers. You’d have to BYOB if you wanted anything else. In other words, the “bar” was no real bar and the “bartenders” werent real bartenders who could make drinks, just some girls standing behind a counter passing drinks out coolers.

Anybody heard of him supposedly being somewhere else tomorrow so I can let them know? Because I cant imagine a guy who was just a QB in the Super Bowl coming to a place like this.

Hopefully for Colin’s sake this flyer is just a hoax perpetrated by some shady promoter to get more Four Loko drinkers to patronize his church club.

We’ve seen the type of women Colin likes and we HIGHLY doubt that any of those types are getting “turnt up” in Warner Robbins, Georgia.

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