Quote Of The Day: Big Boi Speaks On Andre 3K’s Eccentric Steezle “Dre Had On The Diaper And I Was Like ‘Do That Isht!'”

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Let us find out, it’s actually Big Boi and not Erykah Badu who is responsible for Dre dressing all weird ‘n’ isht.

Vibe Magazine’s February/March issue (on stands now!) catches up with Big Boi on his career highs and lows—using music to self-medicate, OutKast’s fashion sense, and the possibility of an OutKast reunion. Peep some great quotes from the interview below:

On meeting Dre:

“I met Dre in the Tri-Cities High School lunch room. There were a lot of gangs, but we were the preppy pretty boys. Our friendship wasn’t about rapping at first. Then two of our friends got busted for robbing a liquor store. We went on to rap, and they got 20 years.”

On a career low:

“My father passed away four or five years ago, my grandmother passed a year ago, and another one a year before that. These were the people who raised me, so I’m just now healing. I used music as a way of self-medicating.”

On OutKast’s fashion sense,

“Dre and I were always color-coordinated. When we did The Chris Rock Show, Dre had on the diaper and was like “What do you think?” I was like, “Do that isht.” I had a fur coat, hoping some muh’f**ka from PETA would throw some isht on me.”

On reuniting OutKast,

“Until y’all see us sitting together, don’t ask me about no Outkast. My kids stay over at Uncle Dre’s or go to his mom’s house. He and his dad come by to watch football and shoot pool. Only so many times you can say, “Aint nothing wrong.””

We love it… but we’d love it more if they’d quit bullsittin’ and get back in the booth together.

Check out the full Big Boi interview (pg. 20) on stands now and February/March issue cover stories with Mary J. Blige and deadmua5 on http://www.vibe.com!

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