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Jazzy Jeff says DJs are far better in bed than rappers, they are used to dealing with things 12 inches or bigger…..

Jazzy Jeff Talks About Will Smith, Music And DJ Competition

Sounds like Will has a tiny willie. This is not is the only thing Dj Jazzy Jeff is judging around here- over the weekend he was judging the Red Bull Thre3Style at Mansion night club in Miami. Winner takes home 150k!!!

Check out the interview below to get the deets:

Bossip:So what does the winner get?

Jazzy Jeff: If I’m not mistaken the winner of regional gets $10,000 – the winner of national gets $50,000 and the winner of the world gets $150,000 – $200,000.

Bossip: Is this the first stage of the competition?

Jazzy Jeff: All of the djs of the surrounding areas came tonight to battle to win the title of the United States.

Bossip: Who is judging tonight?

Dj Jazzy Jeff: Me, A-Trak, and Z-Trip, we judge regionals and finals.

Bossip: Do you have a dj that is hands down your favorite and you think that they will win?

Dj Jazzy Jeff: No-way last year there was a dj from Chile in the world finals, he is probably one of the best djs I have ever heard in my life. You would be really surprised how global the dj community is and how good these guys are.

Bossip: Bossip wants to know- who do you think is better in bed Djs or Rappers?

Jazzy Jeff: That’s a good one- Probably Djs. Djs are use to 12 inches.

Bossip: How do you stay current as a dj- people in the music industry usually only have 2 years max for the career where they are doing good.

Dj Jazzy Jeff: You have to remain a student- the arrogance of people who are successful think they know everything and the only way to stay current is to understand there is a 12 year old in his basement that is making up the next new thing – you have to look out for him.

Bossip: Does your son give you advice?

Dj Jazzy Jeff: I have a 25 year old son that is blogger he keeps me up on all of the internet stuff and I have a 13 year old son that keeps me up on the music stuff

Bossip: I’m sure people take it back all the time to Fresh Prince of Bel Air because we loved you so much there

Dj Jazzy Jeff: Oh always- I just spoke to him two days ago when I was in LA

Bossip: And for Hillary- you know she is part of the Moguldom Media Group Family- was your crush real?

Dj Jazzy Jeff: Nah- we were just real cool- we were really cool

Hit the flip to peep photos from the Red Bull Thre3style DJ Competition…



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