Where Is Kaylin? Joe Budden And Tahiry Couple It Up On Set With Olivia For XXL Magazine Love & Hip-Hop Photo Shoot

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All love, hold the hip-hop….

Tahiry, Joe Budden, Olivia XXL Love & Hip Hop Photo Shoot

A few episodes ago on Love & Hip Hop,  Joe Budden’s current girl Kaylin and his “ex” girl Tahiry got slappy happy back stage during a heated conversation over Joe deciding not to get on Tahiry’s “Devil” track because Kaylin didn’t think it was a good idea.

The two sister-wives were then seen face-to-face talking it up at a bar after Kaylin decided to call Tahiry and apologize for “her actions” even though it was Kaylin who got mushed in the face.

Fast forward to the set of a photo shoot for an upcoming issue of XXL magazine, and Joe and Tahiry are in back in front of the cameras looking a whole lot more like currents than exes….again…while Kaylin is no where to be seen. Where there could have been a Kaylin in the shoot, there is fellow LHH cast member Olivia.

Do you think Joe is stringing Kaylin along while he gets it in with Tahiry on the low, or is Joe and Tahiry’s more-than-friendly flirting just for show?

Check out a host of behind the scenes pics from the XXL shoot on the flip to help you decide…







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    Photo Credit: Instagram/Scott Church

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