Poor Thang: 5th Grader Faces Expulsion For Bringing Kush To School To Keep Piff-Puffin’ Dad From Smoking It

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Hey parents, drugs are bad m’kay!!!

Boy In Trouble For Bringing Drugs To School To Hide From Dad

Though his intentions may have been innocent, a Virginia fifth grader who brought kush to school could face expulsion for his actions, according to media reports.

Via HuffPo reports:

Local police officers responded to a report of a student in possession of drugs Tuesday. According to Suffolk police, the Driver Elementary student showed his teacher the drug and said he took it from his father so that he would stop smoking.

In an email to the Suffolk News-Herald, city spokeswoman Diana Klink said: “When asked about the ‘kush’ in the presence of the student’s mother, he advised the officer that he found it in his father’s truck and brought it to school to show his teacher because he wanted his father to stop smoking.”

However, under Suffolk Public Schools’ student code of conduct and school board policy, students are restricted from having drugs in their possession on school grounds, regardless of the reason. Though the school is entitled to impose its own disciplinary actions, the principal is also required to report any conduct involving ‘kush’ to local law enforcement, as required under the Code of Virginia.

“Policy is policy, but I do think they need to check into the situation more,” Jonathan Lewis, a former teacher, told WTKR.

While the student has since been suspended, NBC affiliate WAVY reports that district spokeswoman Bethanne Bradshaw confirmed the student has been recommended for expulsion. The hearing is expected to be scheduled within the next 10 days.

So the kid gets expelled, the dad gets arrested and sent to jail, and mom gets to raise the kid alone. Sounds like DARE is still working like a charm.

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