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These men were violated in unspeakable ways — even after they were strangled to death!

BOSSIP previously reported about two black men from Joliet, Ill who were strangled by white acquaintances after being lured to a home to have sex. The 22-year-old best friends were strangled by two white men who were also at the home along with the two teen women who had called them to the house, but reports about what happened after they died are even more disturbing!.

Via Chicago Sun-Times reports:

Two of the people accused in Joliet’s Hickory Street murders had sex on top the victims’ bodies, according to police reports cited by Joliet Patch.

According to the reports, Joshua Miner and Alisa Massaro had sex on top of the victims’ bodies. Miner told police he had remembered Massaro previously said she wanted to have sex “with a dead guy,” prompting him to ask her to have sex on the bodies of Eric Glover and Terrance Rankins, according to

Authorities have refused to release the police reports on the killings, saying the information could affect their ongoing investigation.

Miner, 24; Massaro, 18; Adam Landerman, 19; and Bethany McKee, 18, are accused of luring Rankins and Glover, both 22, to Massaro’s Hickory Street home and strangling them.

The four were arraigned Feb. 5, and are scheduled to be in Will County Court on Friday.

After their arraignment, McKee’s father William confirmed he was the person who called police and reported the crime after his daughter called to tell him about it. He would not provide details but said “she was terrified.”

“All I can say is I love my daughter,” McKee said when asked why he called 911.

Police found the bodies on the afternoon of Jan. 10.

Miner, Massaro and Landerman were playing video games when police arrived at the house Jan. 10 to find the two slain men. McKee had left the house earlier and was arrested shortly after by police in Kankakee.

Joliet Chief Mike Trafton later called the crime scene, “one of the most brutal, heinous and upsetting” he’s ever witnessed.

According to the Patch report, McKee told police she had seen Miner preparing for the sex episode on top the bodies.

She also indicated that Landerman may have been involved. McKee, the report said, heard Landerman and Massaro talking about “having a three-way on top of the bodies.”

McKee also told police that Miner took the lead during the crime and that Landerman “just followed along.”

Rankins and Glover reportedly had been lured to the house believing they were to have sex with Massaro and McKee. Instead, Patch reported, the pair ended up drinking, smoking mary and playing video games.

At one point, reports said, McKee was “fooling around” with Rankins when she told him to stop. A struggle ensued when Miner struck Rankins before choking him. Glover then went after Miner, but Landerman grabbed Glover, who played semi-pro football, and strangled him, according to the report.

Landerman then stood on top of the bodies and pretended to “surf” them, the report said.

Massaro’s father, Phillip, was home asleep when the murders took place, according to the report.

The suspects had planned to dispose of the bodies by dismembering them, but were interrupted by police, authorities have said.

SMH — these people were monsters! The crazy thing is it’s the girl with the blue hair that folks have to thank for police being able to catch these creeps at all. Those other psychos were sitting around having sex and playing video games ON TOP OF CORPSES!

R.I.P. to Terrance Rankins and Eric Glover

Our thoughts and prayers are with their families


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