Eff A Death Row Thug: China Airs Criminal’s Last Moments Before Execution On Live Television

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It’s a cold world over in China….

China Broadcast Criminal’s Last Moments Before Execution

Human rights activists and even a few residents in China were appalled at the recent decision of Chinese state television to broadcast the final moments of a drug trafficker who was sentenced to die up until he sat to receive the lethal injection that ended his life.

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It was reality television in the extreme.

Chinese state television Friday broadcast nearly one hour of live images of the last moments of four foreign drug traffickers about to be executed for the 2011 killing of 13 Chinese fishermen on the Mekong River.

Although the cameras pulled away before the final lethal injection, the unprecedented pre-execution coverage unleashed a storm of criticism and debate about the death penalty.

Psychologists decried the live coverage as distressing to children, while lawyers complained that it violated a clause in the criminal code against parading the condemned before execution.

“This carnival on CCTV was a violation not only of ethics, but of the criminal code regulations that the death penalty not be carried out in public,” wrote human rights lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan on a microblog. Many on the microblogs, however, applauded the execution of the four drug traffickers.

The live coverage showed the men being taken from their prison cells in southwestern Yunnan Province with their hands trussed behind their backs with ropes. A doctor in a white coat prepared the lethal injections.

Dayyyyyum. China plays no games when it comes to criminals.

Do you think those convicted of taking the lives of others are still entitled to respect from others for their own lives?

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