Kerry Washington and Common Hit Up TRL

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

We exclusively reported two weeks ago that Kerry Washington was hanging out backstage at a Common concert in Norfolk, Va. and now they make an appearance together on MTV’s TRL. Sure Kerry was the “director” of his new video “I Want You”, but who knows, they could be jumping each other off as well.

View pics of the Simmons Family on TRL for the new season of Run’s House right about now…

Damn, Vanessa might need to pull her shoes up, those pants are awfully young.

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  • I Need A Tic-Tac Bad!!!

    First, dsfjghsrygroiwuy

  • Mississippi Girl

    I love the Simmons family! A good positive black family on t.v.

  • Lola

    What happened to him and Eryka Badu???

  • Royal Chocolate

    They look cute together.

  • joe

    i really like the video she directed for common.

  • I Stay SMH

    Erykah had another baby…LOL

  • n-qui-sa-tive?

    They r cute 2gether ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sherry

    Yes Common is a fine man!!… :)… Kerry isnt cute enough for him

  • van

    kerry is a ugly female not pretty at all. Maybe common attracted to ugly chicks like erykah badu.

  • bigchassie

    they make a lovely couple. i hope this relationship works.

  • Mahogany

    Common sense is easy on the iris…

  • Masalaman

    Yo, Kerry is FINE! who are YOU lookin at?

  • BubbaGoosie

    Whatever happened to Taraji? Am I the only one that thinks Kerry’s lips are kinda weird even tho she looks nice?

  • La. Finest

    They would make a nice couple Kerry is a pretty women. Whenever I see Common I say, shawty right thure is a ten eh, a ten eh, a ten, shawty right thure is a ten.

    Luv the Simmons family. gotta watch the show tonight.

  • Laleezy

    LMFAO@ La.Finest….Simmons family looks lovely and I hope this is just a rumor w/ Common and Kerry cuz he can do better too bad I ain’t single.

  • lacyd

    I don’t like Common and Kerry Washington together at all. And yes, I am hating. She is just not cute to me, Common however…GOOD LAWDY!!!!

  • Cherry

    Stop hating on Vanessa The Simmons girls are pretty..Such A Great black family…I Luv them they are the Hip-Hop Cosby’s

  • CHER

    Please help. I really do not think that Kerry Washington is anywhere near attractive. Something between that nose and eyes gets me.

    I feel that the only reason people think she is attractive is because she caught the right half dress character with the right actor (great publicity). Other than that, no. To me, she’s on the same level as GOLDEN BROOKS. The only difference is that she dresses better than Brooks.

  • Marquella

    I think they are screwing.

  • Sherry

    Yeah I agree… Kerry just doesnt do it… Common would be cute with Kidada jones (quincy’s daughter)… He is yummy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mzgapeach

    Ms. Kerry is beautiful

  • hey idiots

    Kerry is not cute, sorry. Her nose looks fake, and she’s average at best!

  • Morgan

    Kerry is pretty to me. Not so much in these pics. She tends to purse her lips some funny way, but she’s still pretty. Did any of you see her in The Last King of Scotland? Gorgeous.

    Anyway, as far as Common and Kerry as a couple it’s cool with me.

  • Sean

    yall are always basing relationships on looks = hating

  • RU$$

    Rev Run’s daughters are fine, I wonder if they’re wild like other PK’s

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