Prince is Still Suspect…In Italian Courts

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Prince has a case against him in Italy that has been going on for over ten years now. Two Italian men claim that Prince stole their song:

*In a case that has dragged on since the 1990s, an Italian court ruled that Prince’s 1994 hit “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” was plagiarized from a song by two Italian writers. However, a final ruling still has yet to take place. For a sentence to become definitive in Italy, a “third degree” ruling is necessary and this could take several more years. The Court of Appeals in Rome ruled that Prince’s song borrowed heavily from “Takin’ Me to Paradise,” written by Bruno Bergonzi and Michele Vicino, according to Billboard. In the sentence handed down, Prince must stop distributing the song on Italian soil. Plus, he faces having to pay the royalties he has so far collected to Bergonzi and Vicino and their publishers, but only if a final hearing confirms the Italian songwriting duo was plagiarized. “Our song was first released in 1983, at the height of the Italian dance boom and it appeared on assorted compilations that were distributed internationally,” Bergonzi tells “When we first heard Prince’s song we immediately took action, but this case has been dragging on for 15 years and it isn’t over yet, such is the slowness of the Italian legal system. We only decided to go public with our story now.” The recent ruling is, in fact, an appeal against the original sentence, which, in 2003, rejected Bergonzi and Vicino’s claim. This latest ruling was actually made in December 2007 and registered on Feb. 11 last year, but Bergonzi and Vicino have only now spoken out.

Prince can’t seem to shake the haters off. If the Jehovah’s Witness did steal it, that would be against his religion and he would be obligated to pay dues. Yeah, like that is going to happen.


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  • typhani209


  • jandsmama

    Leave mini me and his music alone!

  • Mock Rock Star

    I doubt if Prince stole his song, but if so “So what”…I’ve lived abroad and I never heard their song, but I used to own Prince song so they need to fall back for real…and I like Italian guys too…Prince I know U practically, write, compose and sing all your material so I see why this case has been so long…they’re probably trying to throw it out (and how do U suppose to dance to that song…do the waltz)

  • knottmyhair

    prince is who he is….so they may as well get over it and leave him the hell alone!…he still ROCKS!

  • Chlamydia

    Damn Prince is Fierce!!

  • grillfixer

    who cares, do n e 1 on bossip, even know the song? probably a few, so who can say, what is he above, gettin inspired by sum 1?

  • Aunt Viv

    Leave Prince alone, or Ne-Yo will go over there and f*ck y’all up!

  • GLOK9N:although i hit a pound of herb im still nice with verbz fuk what you heard!!!


  • GLOK9N:although i hit a pound of herb im still nice with verbz fuk what you heard!!!


  • RE RE


  • BE

    Prince has about 300 songs why would he need to “steal” a song? Are the Italian men upset because Prince made more money off a song thta sounded like theirs and trying to get paid?

  • Aunt Viv

    Thank you Glok9n! I gave you love on the other thread too!

  • http://bossip AKEYS_D.C Bound

    I love Prince

  • Mock Rock Star

    AKEYS_D.C Bound

    I love Prince

    I’ll be your Prince as long as U be my AKEYS…ok…got go swimming (after I finish folding these clothes…Cinderella/Cinderfella)

  • Roe ski Love

    Hey Bossip how about getting a copy of the song, so we can make our own judgement.

  • Blacksmith

    By your own reporting Bossip, Prince didn’t become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses until 2003.

    This case is about a song from 1994, when he was NOT a JW. Please do the math.

  • Corey W.

    Ya’ll know Price an’t stole shit!!

  • kenya

    beyonce steals…prince creates nuff said

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    Prince can get it anytime. I would love to hear those high ptiched screams in between the sheets, while I’m digging his back out. I know he got a big dic* too. I see the print sometimes when he wear those tight pants. He can keep his heels on too, it turns me on.

    love 6am

  • Nizzle

    For the sake of someone gettin paid for a song “Sounding” like theirs, Prince may have to Sue a lot of artist. But hey, He’ll eventually throw yall Eye-Talion schmucks a bone. He gots Hunndreds of Songs to spare. Good Song tho’.

  • -----------------

    Come here…

  • IKE

    Doesn’t it make you wonder about that “vault” of music he has? How much more is someone else’s music??
    Did he get lazy with the creativity that day?
    Did he fall asleep with the radio on and thought he dreamt it (a la “U Got The Look” video)?

    Come on, you’ve gotta love this opportunity to f*ck with him. His royal badness just had a chink put into his armor.
    His still a GREAT artist, but still, it’s just a little funny…

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