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Cornball Coolio continues to make a Class A fool of himself:

Forget Microsoft and AppleMac – Coolio reckons computers came from aliens! [Coolio said]: “All this technology. You think it came from this planet? “Bulls**t! I don’t think men are that smart. I think it came from somewhere else.”

An interesting theory from the 45-year-old, who also claimed that films can predict the future. He went on: “Movies are made twenty years before they happen. “Look at Face Off with John Travolta. Nobody thought that s**t would happen, but it has. “The movie Independance Day – that’s gonna happen.”

The gangster chef then waffled about pyramids on Mars, before concluding: “Microbiotics, computer science, jet planes – they came from a different planet.”

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Damn Coolio and his supreme stupidity. If you’re going to throw out some far fetched theory, at least have the sense to sound somewhat intelligent about your sh*t. Irrelavant sucka.


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