Undercover Lovers: Celebrity Flings Not Many People Know Hooked Up

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Secret Relationships People Don’t Always Talk About

Hollyweird and the music industry is usually one big freak fest where everyone couples up and gets together all free without a care in the world. When that happens, so many hook ups and flings get lost in the shuffle and underreported. That’s why so many chop downs happen without many people knowing about them.

So in case you missed them, here’s a gallery of some crazy chop downs you may not have known about back in the day. Take a look.

Michael Jackson Whtiney HOuston

Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston – Whitney and Michael had a thing back in the 80s but it was just a quick fling that didn’t really surface until she passed.



Jay-Z and Aaliyah – Many years after Aaliyah passed, rumor spread that she and Jay-Z were a fling, leading to the Jay/Dame split.


Eddie Murphy and Jasmine Guy – They allegedly hooked up on the set of Harlem Nights but nothing much came of it but that.


Halle Berry and Kevin Costner – Way back during Halle’s first gig, she allegedly got chopped down by the one and only Kevin Costner. Go figure.


Janet Jackson and Wanya – Did you know that Janet Jackson and Wanya from Boys II Men used to get it in during the early 90s? He won.


LeBron James and Ciara – Not many people know that the rumored reason Ciara and Rihanna got into a tiff was because it was rumored LeBron and Ciara used to get it in.

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    mya gucci mane

    Mya and Gucci Mane – This is when we knew Mya jumped the shark. Gucci is a ladies’ man. Go figure.

    Robin Givens Lucci Pictured at the 11th Annual Women who Care Luncheon

    Robin Givens and Brad Pitt – Mike Tyson tells a story about how Robin Givens showed up to the crib with Brad Pitt driving the car! Pitt must have been scared out of his damn mind.


    Rihanna and Andrew Bynum – We know it’s hard to keep track. But during Rihanna’s post-Breezy shenanigans she was spotted getting it in with then-Laker Andrew Bynum.

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