“Shameless” Inspired Question Of The Day: How Far Would You Go To Have A Child?

- By Bossip Staff


Would you be baby crazy enough to make your hubby fawk ya mama? We are big fans of the Showtime series “Shameless” but they almost pushed us too far in the last two episodes where we’ve been watching the Gallaghers neighbors Veronica and Kevin enlist her mom Carol to be their surrogate because Veronica’s tubes are all messed up from an STD she caught getting chopped down by a rapper. The couple initially tried to get Carol pregnant using Kevin’s seed via a turkey baster but when that didn’t work they resorted to the good ol’ fashioned biblical method. We’re a safe wholesome family oriented website around these parts so we can’t share the photos of the sordid methods they were forced to resort to, but we thought this might make a great topic of discussion because the subject is all too real for people who are not ECONOMICALLY THRIVING. Babies are expensive!!! If you’re not ballin’ enough for IVF or a paid surrogate, how far would you go to have a baby?

And by the way, we would encourage you to not resort to stealing someone else’s from the hospital.

Photo Credit:Chuck Hodes/SHOWTIME

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