You Go Big Girl! Rihanna’s Thickummmms Makeup Artist Flosses Her Fleshy Flab For Plus-Size Mag

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We’re gonna go out on a limb here and guess those aren’t diet pills… The woman responsible for RihRih’s flawless face is getting her own taste of fame thanks to a new magazine spread.

Via Daily Mail:

Outrageous make-up artist Priscilla Ono is no shrinking violet.

The rainbow-haired American has become a favourite on set with stars such as Rihanna, Amber Rose, Carmen Electra and Daphne Guinness thanks to her huge talent and extreme energy.

She is already one of David LaChapelle’s muses and Rihanna dragged her out of the make-up room and in front of the camera for her S&M video shoot.

And now she’s using her big, beautiful body to highlight the issue of health in a bright, bold shoot with plus size magazine SLiNK.

The shoot by Vijat Mohindra is called ‘The Placebo Effect’ and sees the feisty make-up artist with neon green hair, lips and nails, provocatively posing with over-sized pills in a shiny blue room.

SLiNK magazine is a fashion and beauty magazine aimed at women size 14+ and this issue, its ninth, focuses on the subject of health.

In the interview accompanying the pictures Priscilla talks about her work within the fashion and music industry and being a confident, curvaceous and healthy woman.

Though she admits to being intimidated at first being surrounded by the highly body-conscious fashion and music industry, she says she has now embraced it.

Priscilla says: ‘I definitely think I teach my clients that you can look amazing at any size.

‘One of my friends Amber Rose always tells me how much confidence I exude with my fashion and says everyone should learn from it.

‘Being healthy is something very important to me, especially because people like to stereotype that being plus size is not healthy! I’m healthier than some of my skinnier friends!’

‘I do watch what I eat now that I’m getting into my 30s. Like making sure I don’t have too many sweets and eating more veggies, grains and fruits and trying healthier yummy recipes.

‘Having a pet also definitely helps me get my exercise. I take my doggy Disco Hiking at least 3 times a week.’

Speaking of her celebrity friends, Priscilla says: I see my clients’ confidence transform from before they get glam to after, it’s pretty amazing.
‘I know when I get glammed up I want to talk to everyone and want everyone to see me!

She says her top confidence boosting tips are to always dress your best, give yourself plenty of time to get ready in the mornings, and ‘look in the mirror and point out all your best features, such as your hips, eyes or lips, and accentuate them’.

Founder and editor of SLiNK Rivkie Baum says: ‘This shoot slots in perfectly with the magazine’s stance on body image and the belief that size is not a decider on health, encouraging readers to eat well and get active as oppose to the focus by society and government to fit the perfect 10.

‘Physical size is a placebo idea, as SLiNK promotes HAES ‘Health at Every Size’ and believes that we need to focus on this idea to improve our well being. and the shoot with Priscilla is a way to promote the magazine’s stance on body image and the belief that size is not a decider on health.’

Photographer Mohindra says: ‘Like the bright attractive packaging of the pharmaceutical industry, this editorial has a superficial quality of fashion and glamor leading us to believe if we look good, we feel good.’

It sounds like Priscilla has a great attitude and is staying active. Can we really knock her from her size if she’s watching what she eats and staying healthy?

Do you think these images are beautiful, interesting, freaky, disgusting? What are your thoughts?

Check out Priscilla’s SLiNK spread and a still from her video with Rihanna below:

Photo Credit: SLiNK Magazine/Vijat Mohindra/YouTube

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