Nicki Minaj Is Back To Her “Fauxmosexual” Antics, Praises American Idol Contestant For Her Boobs…’You Already Know That You’re My Wife’

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Nicki Minaj sure likes to tease us with her ambiguous sexuality…

According to The Clicker:

“American Idol” has done so much cheerleading for its women this season, it’s a wonder that Ryan Seacrest doesn’t show up each week with pom-poms and a megaphone. On Tuesday, the 10 remaining girls did a fine job of letting their performances do the talking, again making viewers wonder why only five of them can make the top 10 on Thursday’s results show (though Randy Jackson did drop a hint that he’d like a wild card, so stay tuned). In case the performances weren’t enough to draw in the votes, Nicki Minaj and the judges got their chance to add their own … creative praise. Who did the panel love the most? Particularly for Nicki, the answer changed with every new singer.

“You already know that you’re my wife,” Nicki said to Kree Harrison. (Which if true would be a rules violation.) Much like she would a spouse, Nicki covered Kree with praise, as did Keith Urban. “The first letters in ‘Idol’ are ‘I’ ‘do,’ and I do love to hear you sing,” he said.

But it was Tenna Torres who got the strangest performance of the night from Nicki, which shouldn’t have been a surprise. Last week, the jduge focused on how she didn’t like Tenna’s hair. Tuesday … well, things were different.
“I liked your hair like that. Good job,” Nicki said, then added, “I liked your boobs too.” That made Torres smile uncomfortably and Randy giggle and stammer like a schoolboy.

“If I’m in your city I’m signing them tig ol bitties” – Nicki Minaj

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