Just Stop Talking: The Most Ridiculous Rants Of The Year…So Far

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Craziest Rants Of The Year So Far

Why so angry, everyone? It’s only March and 2013 is full of the craziest rants of all time. From Yeezy to Weezy and everyone in between, the sensitivity has been off the charts. Don’t believe us, just watch.

And just don’t get on these peoples’ bad sides.


Lil Wayne – He just went off on the NBA and the Miami Heat because he thought he was banned from games, even telling the world he hooked up with Chris Bosh’s wife.


Keyshia Cole – she started the year hating on Destiny’s Child and just won’t stop, becoming damn near the most hated singer on Twitter.


Keri Hilson – She’s another one ranting and raving about the state of diva-ness on Twitter. We weren’t feeling that either

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Kanye West – He’s ranting about…everything. But at least he’s hilarious about it.

dwight howard kobe bryant

Dwight Howard’s Daddy – He went off trying to defend his son against Kobe. But nobody asked you, sir.

Derrick Rose 3 featured

Derrick Rose’s Brother – He’s another athlete relative trying to spread nonsense about how his brother won’t come back until the Bulls get better players. What?

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    Fabolous Chris Brown

    Chris Brown – When is he not making stupid rants. At least he doesn’t think he’s Jesus anymore.


    Spaceghostpurp – He took to Facebook to insult Black women and basically call them worthless. Awesome.

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