Quote Of The Day: Tulsa Oklahoma Woman Arrested For Calling 911 59 Times In 8 Hours-“My Job Is To Harrass You Beyotches!”

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Some people need a job…and Jesus!

Tulsa Woman Calls 911 59 Times In 8 Hours

Via Fox23

Bogus and threatening phone calls are being made to 911, and they’re not just a few calls.

One Tulsa woman is accused of making 59 bogus calls to 911 and that was just in one day alone. Regina Sanders is now facing jail time and multiple fines.

When an emergency call comes into the 911 center dispatchers only have a few seconds to get that valuable information but when the call is bogus, that takes away precious time from someone else’s life or death situation.

Renee James has worked for the Sapulpa dispatch for 8 years now. During that time, she tells FOX23 that she’s had her fair share of ridiculous calls.

“They have called because McDonald’s didn’t do something right on their food and things like that,” says James.

And it’s not always adults making those prank calls.

“Yesterday for instance, there were 15 calls at least by a child that’s dialing 911 and he was playing with the phone,” she says.

Renee says it can be so frustrating trying to sift through which calls are real and which are fake.

“You’ve got people out there and they are trying to get through 911 and it’s an emergency, and they’re unable to because someone else is just playing with the phone,” says James.

Court records show that 46-year-old, Regina Sanders was charged with multiple misdemeanor counts placing obscene phone calls to Tulsa’s 911 dispatch center. She’s accused of calling the dispatch center 59 times on November 16th, and then threatening a dispatcher.

According to TheSmokingGun Regina told the emergency dispatcher:

“My job is to harass you b!tc#e$”

Way to go lady, you have successfull harrassed those “b!tc#he$”. Now you’re going to jail, where some b!tc#e$ will probably harrass YOU. Karma came quick for that a$$ huh? LMAO

Image via TheSmokingGun

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