Alicia Keys Drafts Emo Blog Post Explaining Why Her “Brand New Me” Song Is So Personal And Life-Changing

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SMH, just STFU already…

Alicia Keys Pens Blog About “Brand New Me”

Alicia Keys is in the process of shooting a music video for her record “Brand New Me”. According to a blog written by Swizzy’s better half, this song reflects where she is in her life, how she’s evolved (from her homewreckin’ ways), and a bunch of other blah, blah, blah.

Read it for yourself below.

Via Essence

“Brand New Me” is a deeply personal song for me. It really expresses how I feel at this time in my life. I think what’s so beautiful about this song is that it’s about discovering a new version of myself and embracing the changes that come with being that person. And I know this is something we can all relate to at one point or another in life. Life is all about change… both good and bad… and learning how to best transition through those times. Sometimes you have to let go of certain people that are holding you back or relationships you’ve outgrown or things you’ve learned don’t help you anymore. And when you do let these individuals and thoughts go, you realize what it means to trust your instincts and take control of yourself.

Personally, this has been a big part of my life lately. And it’s been challenging… really challenging. At times I’ve been so scared and unsure of how things would end up. I’ve been so angry I couldn’t even breathe. Sometimes I was so hurt, I never thought I’d heal. But with every day of pain, I learned more and more and I grew stronger, wiser and better than I was before. Today, I know I am exactly where I am meant to be in life.

Hit the flip side to read the rest of Alicia’s long-winded diatribe.

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