Philadelphia Magazine Under Fire For Story On White People Facing Racism

For Discussion: Philadelphia Magazine “Being White In Philly” Cover Story Says White People Facing Racism Are Discouraged From Speaking Out….Do You Agree?

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Philadelphia Magazine Under Fire For Story On White People Facing Racism

A “Philadelphia Magazine” writer is not feeling the brotherly love after a cover story and article about racism issues that white people deal with has landed the publication in the center of a community controversy.

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The recent issue of Philadelphia Magazine has many up in arms for its controversial cover line and accompanying article, which many feel stokes the fears and racist views of Whites in a city that is predominantly Black.

The article, written by White writer Robert Huber and entitled “Being White in Philly,” asserts that:

“Fifty years after the height of the Civil Rights Movement, more than 25 years after electing its first African-American mayor, Philadelphia remains a largely segregated city, with uneasy boundaries in culture and understanding. And also in well-being. There is a Black middle class, certainly, and Blacks are well-represented in our power structure, but there remains a vast and seemingly permanent Black underclass. Thirty-one percent of Philadelphia’s more than 600,000 Black residents live below the poverty line. Blacks are more likely than whites to be victims of a crime or commit one, to drop out of school and to be unemployed.”

The article goes on to suggest that Whites are between a rock and a hard place because — as Philadephia CityPaper’s Daniel Denvir puts it, “[Whites are] muzzled in discussions of race”:

“What gets examined publicly about race is generally one-dimensional, looked at almost exclusively from the perspective of people of color. Of course, it is black people who have faced generations of discrimination and who deal with it still. But our public discourse ignores the fact that race—particularly in a place like Philadelphia—is also an issue for white people. Though white people never talk about it.

Everyone might have a race story, but few whites risk the third-rail danger of speaking publicly about race, given the long, troubled history of race relations in this country and even more so in this city.

While racism has never been a one-sided issue, it’s no secret that people in the African-American community certainly have more experience with the issue that those of other races.  So, let’s discuss Bossip fam. Are you offended when your white friends or colleagues discuss their struggles with racism?



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