Let’s Investigate: Rap Music’s Most Incredible Unsolved Mysteries

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Rap’s Biggest Mysteries

Rap full of crazy storylines and more drama than any reality show would love to get its hands on. Hell, any movie director would love it, too. We’ve been right there with all the drama as rap fans from jump, so we have a few questions we’d love to get answers to. Do you know these answers? If so, help us out.


Did Aaliyah Break Up The Roc? – The whole Roc-a-Fella split is shrouded in hurt emotions and mystery. One rumor is that Jay and Dame were upset over mutual love for Aaliyah. Hmmm…

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Who Killed Pac and Big? – Isn’t it about time we got to the bottom of this?


Why Did Mase Leave New York? – We all know that Mase said he was leaving to find God, but the rumor was that he was fleeing for his life. Tell us the truth, Betha!


Are Drake And Lil Wayne Really Friends? – We see Drake and Weezy being buddy buddy, but every few weeks there’s a rumor of tension and issues between them. What’s up with that?


Is The Illuminati Real? – Is there a rap Illuminati? And who is in it?


Who is the gay rapper? – There’s been rumored to be one gay rapper in the game. Though there are probably few, there’s apparently been one powerful guy for a while.

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    What Really Happened When Nas And Pac Met? – Some said Nas got knocked out. Nas said they made peace. We’d love to be in that huddle to see what happened.


    What Is It About Erykah? – When she gets a hold of rappers, they lose their damn minds. She’s dated four and has three baby daddy rappers. What she working with?


    Is Rick Ross Totally Fake? – We want to know just how tied in Rozay is. Is he lying about everything or just some things. Is he staging his “assassination attempt”?

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