Green Goodness

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Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver and former drama king Terrell Owens hit up Gavin Maloof’s Housewarming Party in Las Vegas looking quite dapper in a green sweater vest.  Yeah, T.O…

Is it just us, or does Timbaland always look like he’s been caught doing something suspect when photographed (See below):

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  • Mzgapeach

    He so damn fine but he is a buttahead in its trues form

  • Londie

    I know MZGAPEACH, but good lord that he's fine, that smile!

  • Bahama Mama

    Mr. Owens does have a nice body, a very nice body. But everything else not so much

  • sexiichar

    I'm so glad Xhibit cut his hair. amen.


    @sexiichar-Yeah Xhibit looks good without the cornrows. He is from Detroit so he should know cornrows played out two years ago!

    But look, HOLD UP, WAIT A MINUTE!!!my baby Mayweather is sooo fine it should be a crime to be that fine with those white teeth!


    Wait, I know one of them could have told Ron Artist to get a cut!!! He is wolfin!!

  • Smartie

    Oh I saw Floyd on an episode of Cribs. He might only br 5'8, but you know Homes could put it DOWN. Bang bang bang….thanks Pops.

  • DC Gal

    I loved me some T.O. as a 49er and as an Eagle, But he is a A$$HOLE with them Faggot A$$ Cowgirls. I hate me some Cowboys

  • kisha

    well timbaland is suspect – in my opinion.

  • Morning Breath

    Does anybody on here have any scope? If so, I was wondering if maybe i could borrow some!!!

  • me

    nice. nice. really nice.

  • popo

    I have just one question, what in the hell does suspect look like. I mean damn I hear it all the time on this blog, could one of you fat women please explain this to me?

  • virgo911

    DC Gal

    I loved me some T.O. as a 49er and as an Eagle, But he is a A$$HOLE with them Faggot A$$ Cowgirls. I hate me some Cowboys


    I couldn't have said it better DC Gal!!!! I would say T.O. looks nice, but I dare not, for he is the ENEMY!!!! lol "Hail the the REDSKINS!!!" I can't wait until the "DMV Superbowl" Sunday, December 30…..

  • virgo911

    Correction: "Hail to the Redskins!"

  • My Business

    Hey Terell Boo how you doin?

  • Harlem Chic

    That's a fine ass black man right there.

  • Yeah I said It

    I like TO body, but that's it

  • Just Sit And Be Pret

    LOL, two years ago, this was my "celebrity crush". Anyhoo, it was soon killed when I realized what an idiot he really is. However, he does have one of the nicest, most scrumptous bodies around.

  • Mary J Blige

    i would smear that man with crunchy peanut butter and lick him all up.

    Timbaland is the male version of Golden Brooks- CONSISTENTLY A HAM. ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

    please request my new video 'Just Fine'….y'all know i be rockin them wigs

    all my love

    Mary J x

  • dayg715

    now THAT is a fine piece of chocolate. GODDAMN!!!


    Are you sure you didn't mean Gay Goodness?

  • Octavia

    Sexual chocolate!!! These bruhs are looking kinda fine… even Xzibit. Oh, and except Timbaland. He does always look shifty.

  • me2

    TO is soooo delicious its ridiculous. He is the perfect description of eye candy only. You just need him to stand there and never talk. Err…5'8 takes all the cuteness out for me mayweather..sorry. Timberland does look shifty and shady. I'm not feeling xhibit..not sure why…looks funny to me but oh well he is making money.

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