Myron Rolle: The Future

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A story from Livesteez highlights a young man that’s pursuing a Rhodes Scholarship instead of the NFL draft. Now, that’s something for kids to emulate:

Florida State safety Myron Rolle has chosen to opt out of the possibility to ink a hefty professional football contract, and will study at Oxford instead of entering this year’s NFL draft. Rolle plans to seek a one-year master’s degree in medical anthropology and take full advantage of a Rhodes scholarship he was awarded in November, The New York Times reported Monday in an entry on its college football blog. “I’m very excited to go,” Rolle wrote in a text message to the newspaper. Rolle, projected to be an early round pick, said he plans to enter the 2010 NFL draft. Rolle, from Galloway, N.J., got his undergraduate degree in pre-med after two and a half years, and has been taking graduate courses at Florida State this year, reports

This intelligent young man is making a financial sacrifice to better himself. This is what the influence of President Obama is doing in our nation. Brothers in their teens, please take note.


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  • chevy


  • charlieblanko

    chevy, this story was posted 3 minutes ago..lmao

  • Z.I.T.B.

    I doubt it. He gotta play sports or go to jail, sell drugs, or all the above for most kidz in tha hood to wanna emulate him. Real talk. We are still not quite there yet. It ain’t cool to be smart in tha hood just yet. Let’s be real about it.

  • krissy

    He deserves props for that, most men his age would’ve taken the contract and ran b/c they think getting money the easy way is what’s in but in reality, a football contract is not guaranteed b/c injuries happen all the time and a degree lasts forever

  • charlieblanko

    Yes they do Krissy, i just hope, this victim hood that we have adopted is finally deteriorating from our psyche.

  • Film

    ‘Rolle, from Galloway, N.J., got his undergraduate degree in pre-med after two and a half years, and has been taking graduate courses at Florida State this year’

    Pre-medicine is not an easy academic degree to acquire. He finished in two and half years, and he will further his studies in England. Oxford is a great school.

    Job well done, young man.

  • RP

    They can’t take your knowledge away from you, but they can take those hefty contracts, ask Plaxico Burress and Mike Vick. Bossip what does Obama have to do with this story?

  • frida

    Congratulations to him, he obviously is highly
    intelligent if he finished an undergrad pre-med decgree in 2 1/2 yrs.

    Good for him!

  • Candid Canuck

    @ Chevy

    ya dawg dang rite! i’m the fifth post for this positive blog….

    Good job Bossip. This goes out to those who keep saying you promote racism on this site by using perjorative terminology…. those dumb-azz posters get the gasface! Real talk.

  • T-Bird

    This is a true of example of using the system to make it work for you. He has benefitted from collegiate sports to get a FREE education so that he can move on to better things…like OXFORD.

    Although I admire Obama and what he has accomplished…Obama gets no credit here…this determined young man had a mission waaaaaay before Obama came on the scene. Bossip give credit to whom it is due and it is due only to Myron Rolle.

  • momo

    vision is a beautiful thing!!! Oxford? Nice

  • Candid Canuck

    make that the 9th post

  • momo

    @ candid canuck
    nice to see another Canuck on Bossip …

  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    Smart young man! He makes you feel proud like he’s your lil cousin or something. And he gets to enter the draft in 2010. Double guap and he’s doing it the right way.

  • Mock Rock Star

    Good for him because playing in the Pro’s is like being a slave…no drugs, monogamy…I’ll take my own business and a degree any day over that…and still be a SuperStar

  • Gabigboy

    for real folks this is a story that should be on World News tonight or 20/20…I follow college football and Rolle was heavily recruited by every school just to play football..he picked FSU for academic purposes he turned down every ivy league school..can’t explain that but I guess he wanted to play big time football as well….however Myron Rolle is not just a benchwarmer he is an supberb athlete as well…I have watched him play since he started as a true freshman he is good enough to be a first round pick….

    Secondly getting the Rhodes Schloarship is a lifetime achievement as much as i love football i think i would take the path of Rolle…only 18 I believe are passed out a year…so it really is a reason to forgo the NFL for the time being. But there are black atheletes that are great in the classroom as they are on the field but they never ever get the credit as their white counter parts. But as soon as they miss a team meeting get into a scuffle, they are villanized all over the sports network..(See offensive Tackle Andre Smith, University of Alabama)he made one non violent mistake and it was all over the news…but what they don’t mention is he is one of the best student athletes in the SEC….I hope more of our youth take look at Rolle, Smith and other great college football players and realize that playing football is a privilege but a great education is the top of the mountain.

  • Candid Canuck

    @ momo

    I know EH? lol

  • d303

    THIS RIGHT HERE IS THE REALEST BROTHER YOU WILL EVER MEET! Sisters need to get their ish together too, smart is always sexy!!! who wants a man with a warrant?!

  • .


    chevy, this story was posted 3 minutes ago..lmao

    Why and how do you think that it is cute to use El Debarge’s cracked out photo in your gravie as if to celebrate his downfall. He and his family were on top once and we all appreciated what they gave us…good music. Have some respect Charlie…please. It hurts me everytime I see your gravie

  • Htownzchick

    Im proud of him and I dont even know him. Gone head Myron!!

  • Redd Tony

    Good for that young man!

  • Redd Tony

    Charlie Blanko works for Bossip!

  • Reesie....of Cephus and Reesie

    I am so proud of this young man. This so awesome!!! I would love my son to take the same path as this guy…he is a true inspiration.

  • Redd Tony

    Ayo yall need to look up Cecil Rhodes…named after the Rhode Scholars…Dude got his hands on a lot of blood diamonds to become wealthy..Look it up! He believed the British could eventually “civilize” the entire African continent, and reap the material benefits of agriculture, trade, and minerals including all of the Diamonds…

  • Davina

    @ T-Bird

    I agree Obama gets no credits here maybe his parents’ education or his own intelligence.
    Its crazy how Bossip is connecting every good move from a Black person to Obama.
    I am surprised because the way this young man decided to manage his professional future should not be regarded as an exception…

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