“Throw Some $G’s on That B*tch…”

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Marece Richards, aka, Rich Boy, owes hella stacks for bustin’ off at a fella back in ’05:

A 2005 road rage incident may cost Alabama rapper Rich Boy several high-priced liens on any of his available property.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a tax accountant from Mobile, Alabama is seeking liens against the rapper to collect of a $337,500 winning lawsuit.

The accountant, Chaz Mosley, successfully sued Rich Boy, real name Marece Richards, and his brother Irvin O. Richards for shooting at him with an assault rifle in 2005.

The lawsuit alleges that Rich Boy’s brother fired at least 10 bullets into the victim’s vehicle.

Despite the barrage, Mosley escaped unscathed. Irvin O. Richards plead guilty to assault, and is now serving a 10 year prison sentence.

Rich Boy received probation for his role in the crime. Since Rich Boy spends much of his time in Atlanta, lawyers for Mosley have filed suit in Fulton County Superior Court.

If Rich Boy does have assets or attempts to buy property in the county, his holdings will be subject to liens.

At press time, Rich Boy is alleged to still owe $312,500 on the debt.

Greg Miller, the rapper’s publicist, could not confirm if his client will make arrangements to satisfy the remaining debt.

Rich Boy is currently working on 5 Million, his sophomore follow up his 2007 self-titled debut. That album spanned the platinum, breakout single “Throw Some D’s.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Rich Boy owes money and needs to pay the sh*t; great.  But talk about stupid: his brother is in the hole for a decade for shooting at a cat he didn’t even hit??  F*ck a thug, no doubt, but especially f*ck a thug who isn’t even talented in his craft of thuggery.  SMH




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