Huh, Wha?: 10 Burning Questions About MTV’s Terrible ‘Hottest MC’ List

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No one really knows what the criteria was for this deeply-flawed list but it’s clear MTV is disconnected from reality. According to, Impact, Lyrics, Sales, Buzz, Style and Intangibles were considered when selecting candidates, but it seems like major labels bidded for spots on an overhyped list that makes zero sense.

Here are ten burning questions about MTV’s terrible Hottest MCs List. Take a look.


How is Drake NOT #1?

The Crystal Light-blooded MC has the hottest record out (“Started from the Bottom”), recently won a Grammy (Best Rap Album), inspired FIVE internet memes and somehow isn’t #1 on this list? How is this possible? No, seriously?


Why is Kanye on the list? (He shouldn’t be)

Yeezy has stomped across the universe like a grown 5th grader for the past several months without releasing new music. More interested in declaring war against everything and everyone than Rap, he’s slowly becoming a parody of himself and that’s NOT hot.

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Why is Rick Ross so HIGH (#3)?

The chicken grease-sweating actor/rapper’s latest album “God Forgives, I Don’t” featured Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, 3 Stacks, Ursher, Wale and Drake and only sold 418,000 copies in the U.S. Five albums. ZERO platinum plaques. And now, the “Biggest Boss” can’t even leave the house without a 100-cop escort. #3? Nope.


Why is Androgynou$ Rocky so LOW (#6)?

The “pretty” silky blouse-wearing “fashion killa” did 141,000 first-week a MONTH after his debut “LongLiveA$AP” leaked showing the strength of his fanbase. #6? After a #1 debut on Billboard, along with a platinum plaque for “FN Problems?” SMH.



French Montana raps like he ate construction paper + glue sammiches as a kid but owns the club. From September to December, he had the hottest record on Earth (“Pop That”), weeks after “Shot Caller” dominated the streets. But Megaphone Mill is hotter? NAAAAAH.

Rockets Heat Basketball

Why is Lil’ Wayne NOT on the list?

Weezy is easily the most repulsive rapper alive with features on 92% of ALL Rap records. In 2013, he’s on two of Rap’s hottest records (“B*tches Love Me” and “Karate Chop (Remix).” Last year, he was on “Pop That.” But he’s not Top-10 worthy? Interesting.

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    Nas is hotter than Future Vandross AND Drake?

    2012 was the iconic underachiever’s BEST year, musically, since ’96 but he never dominated the radio, club and lost every Grammy he was nominated for. Based on MTV’s own criteria, Nas doesn’t even belong on the list.

    "Grand Opening for Def Jam Atlanta Office"

    Def Jam paid for spots on the list?

    Five of the 10 Hottest MCs are Def Jam artists? Coincidence in a payola-fueled industry where relationships are more important than facts? We doubt it.


    How much did Big Sean’s spot cost? Because….NAH.

    No hot single in 2013. No features on hot singles in 2013. No buzz for his sophomore album “Hall of Fame” that’s been pushed back. But he’s hotter than Yeezy, Androgynou$ Rocky, Future Vandross and Megaphone Milly? Impossible.


    Megaphone Milly hotter than T.I., Juicy J, French Montana, Macklemore and Wale?

    There’s only one correct answer: NO.

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