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Deranged war-lord and glorified thug-sonofab*tch, Osama Bin Laden, is calling out Obama:

The al-Qaida leader also vowed that the terror network would open “new fronts” against the United States and its allies beyond Iraq and Afghanistan. He said President-elect Barack Obama has received a “heavy inheritance” from George W. Bush _ two wars and “the collapse of the economy,” which he said will render the United States unable to sustain a long fight against the mujahedeen, or holy warriors.

“There is only one strong way to bring the return of Al-Aqsa and Palestine, and that is jihad in the path of God,” bin Laden said in the 22-minute audiotape, referring to the revered Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. “The duty is to urge people to jihad and to enlist the youth into jihad brigades.”

“Islamic nation, you are capable of defeating the Zionist entity with your popular capabilities and your great hidden strength _ without the support of (Arab) leaders and despite the fact that most of (the leaders) stand in the barracks of the Crusader-Zionist alliance,” bin Laden said.

The authenticity of the tape could not be independently confirmed, but the voice resembled that of bin Laden in previous messages. The tape, entitled “a call for jihad to stop the aggression on Gaza,” was played over a still picture of bin Laden and the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem’s Old City, one of Islam’s holiest sites. But there were no English subtitles and flashy production graphics that usually accompany such messages.

That suggested the message had been hastily put together and issued to best exploit anger in the region over the Gaza offensive, which Palestinian medical officials say has killed more than 940 Palestinians, half of them civilians. Israel said the offensive aims to halt rocket fire from Gaza against Israeli towns.

F*k this psycho-cave dweller. And f*k Dubya for not using those billions of dollars of military funds to catch the good-for-nothing cretin. Finally we’ve got someone in the top office with the brains, the balls and the state of mind to do what must be done about Al Qaeda.


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  • Aunt Viv

    ***FLATLINED***@ the Osama pic!!!!

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re is excited to see GAMBIT in May. FINALLY!


    If you’re so pressed for your holy war, Osama, go to Palestine and try to win.

    I seriously doubt it. You’re a croc, and bring nothing but fear of persecution to actual Muslims who try to live peacefully.

  • iluvprada

    Aunt Viv ‘said’***FLATLINED***@ the Osama pic!!!!


    I second dat!

  • High Life (Glockapella)

    WOW LOL @ that pic of Obama

  • knowledgeable

    Sad part is that he is right about what Obama “inherited” from bush


    Ok! is it just me or does everybody other than America “know” Osama’s dead? I mean really?


    “The authenticity of the tape could not be independently confirmed, but the voice resembled that of bin Laden in previous messages.”

    This has to be the most brain dead country in the world
    And so the Obama Administration begins….


    BTW thats a very phuckin ignorant picture you have up there of Osama, and you wonder why “terrorist attack america”

  • m

    thank you purple

  • ...........

    @ purp–do terrorist have time to look at this site? (thinkin)–terrorist are just ignorant–thats why they attacked america and the picture is funny!!! lmao!

  • MeMe_Slim

    I get that people love saying F*** Bin Laden but he is right in saying that Obama has inherited some severe problems from Bush. I said that. His first four years won’t really get our country back. And of course if it doesn’t, he probably won’t have another 4. Republicans have already said it. He may be fight a losing battle. Even if he makes strides, tey’ll probably elect a Republican for the next term to swoop in and front like they have brought us back from the brink. The whole thing is a big damn show.



    it’s funny that you take my words about the photo literally, it’s the american mentality im speaking of, which is TOTALLY represented by that pic. and notice “terrorist” is in quotes cause i dont necessarily believe in that. Thanks.

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    I agree….how awful is it that the first President of color has to inherit a country in turmoil….all we can do is pray for him…

    as far as Osama is concerned…I seriously doubt that this man who had kidney issues and has been living in cold damp caves for years is still alive….an audio tape, how convenient….I guess they figure that in order for people to continue to support those extremist beliefs they have to have a figure head that has supposedly escaped and alluded Bush’s grasp….this man is probably no longer living….and another thing….these people that run off at the mouth about jihad and the horrible americans, etc, etc, blah blah blah…why aren’t they on the front line fighting with the fellow bretheren??? no, instead when they are found, they are hiding under some rock, telling other idiots to kill themselves all for the sake of their beliefs….crazy

  • LOU_lou

    didn’t vp dick cheney say osama was dead

  • http://Bossip Black Alien

    @ RE do you mean Gambit form the Wolverine movie ? Is so, I love you…..a sexy women who like comics = perfect….that pic of osama i smy new screen saver hilarious.

  • kahmmillion

    This pic is funny as shit!

  • Paul

    Stop believing what you see on TV as fact. Think for yourself. Obama didn’t do shit as far as I’m concerned. Those towers fell because of dynamite. Yes, your presidents don’t care about your personal health and life. They only act like it so that we can stay in line. Stop watching TV and think for yourselves.

  • Ms_NYC

    Good luck Obama

  • ms meca


  • Razzell Dazzell

    @Bossip LMAO! Okay the picture is a bit much, but I really believe we can handle this a semi-diplomatic way. YES WE CAN!

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re is excited to see GAMBIT in May. FINALLY!

    @Black Alien

    Yup! 🙂 He’s in the new Wolverine movie in May…it’s about time they include him, right?

  • Roe ski Love

    Obama is serious about catching his ass when George wasn’t. Obama feels this threat, so this is his last ditch effort to call for Jihad. On another note, What happened to all the gold (billions) and securities in the vaults under the world trade center? There were looters trying to get to it through tunnels all the way from the other side of Manhatten. The Government steped in and that was all you heard.

  • Roe ski Love

    Change that is Osama is feeling the threat.

  • 007

    you got one thing right, this is all a big show for the American people, that are scared to heck of this guy that has been dead for many years, just check out the Benezair Bhutto interview before she was assassinated, she clearly states this man was murdered. So why would the American media still publish these threats, simple, as of late the pentagon and the intelligence community has been constantly warning Americans of a future bio-terror attack, which of course will be another false flag to take away more rights and fulfill their diabolical goal of world dominance, who better to blame than the worlds scapegoat osama, and so this blame game will continue going, he will never be caught, because he is dead and the US will stay in fear and the big bankers get their one world gov, think this is too hard to swallow, see 9/11 and all the laws that were passed after. By the way, your boy Obama is nothing more than a chosen puppet to keep you people under the illusion that you have freedom in a democracy, how sad!

  • Atlas

    @ Re, dont I know you from Twitter? Solarfox ring a bell?

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