Erykah Badu is About to Pop

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Presenting Erykah Badu and her thoughts…

any day now my new proje​ct arriv​es . nope – not new amery​kah pt 2 but new baby !! (​shout​ out to mothe​rs to be ) i can hardl​y move my hips are sooo stiff​ …( i look like a duck w/ long legs)​ meanw​hile im still​ worki​ng away on pt 2 . ( mind blowi​n)​ later​ than i antic​ipate​d , howev​er , but frsh all the same . these​ days i live in headp​hones​ while​ poppi​n b vitam​ins and rubbi​ng my belly​ down with shae butte​r ( plump​ and ripe)​ . im a damne​d perfe​ction​ist and my metho​d is kinda​ weird​ s0 the lable​ just throw​s their​ hands​ up at me and banks​ on somet​hin else lol. ( peace​ to sylvi​a rhone​ ). so any way , im back in the badud​io , ill pause​ for my home birth​ which​ is just in the next room so i promi​se it wont take too long . lol. (​valer​ian and chamo​mile are my best frien​ds ) been spend​ing my days on twitt​er throw​ing out rando​m thoug​hts as FATBE​LLYBE​LLA.​ plent​y of twitt​y milk to go round​ … i give thank​s today​ for your love , energ​y , respe​ct and feedb​ack . on behal​f of my entir​e famil​y from Edith​ funke​r , nedda​ stell​a ( band)​,​ soul quari​ans ,jay troni​c,​ contr​olfre​aq recor​ds , canab​inoid​s,​ b.​l.​i.​n.​d.​ , THE scien​tists​ ,and of cours​e NAYRO​CK “​HAPPY​ NEW YOU .” IF YOU BELIE​VE IT IT’S YOURS​ . TRUST​ . all my love , ebi breez​y aka fat belly​ bella​ aka loret​ta brown​ aka analo​gue girl aka annie​ aka manue​la mexic​o aka badui​zm pka e. badu.​.​.​.​.​ love and light​ !​!​!​!​!​!

What the hell, Erykah?  Badudio?  SMH.  And when you’re done having this baby, lay off the “D” for a bit.  Have a period, why don’t cha?

A couple more including the new “baby daddy” below.




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