Erykah Badu is About to Pop

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Presenting Erykah Badu and her thoughts…

any day now my new proje​ct arriv​es . nope – not new amery​kah pt 2 but new baby !! (​shout​ out to mothe​rs to be ) i can hardl​y move my hips are sooo stiff​ …( i look like a duck w/ long legs)​ meanw​hile im still​ worki​ng away on pt 2 . ( mind blowi​n)​ later​ than i antic​ipate​d , howev​er , but frsh all the same . these​ days i live in headp​hones​ while​ poppi​n b vitam​ins and rubbi​ng my belly​ down with shae butte​r ( plump​ and ripe)​ . im a damne​d perfe​ction​ist and my metho​d is kinda​ weird​ s0 the lable​ just throw​s their​ hands​ up at me and banks​ on somet​hin else lol. ( peace​ to sylvi​a rhone​ ). so any way , im back in the badud​io , ill pause​ for my home birth​ which​ is just in the next room so i promi​se it wont take too long . lol. (​valer​ian and chamo​mile are my best frien​ds ) been spend​ing my days on twitt​er throw​ing out rando​m thoug​hts as FATBE​LLYBE​LLA.​ plent​y of twitt​y milk to go round​ … i give thank​s today​ for your love , energ​y , respe​ct and feedb​ack . on behal​f of my entir​e famil​y from Edith​ funke​r , nedda​ stell​a ( band)​,​ soul quari​ans ,jay troni​c,​ contr​olfre​aq recor​ds , canab​inoid​s,​ b.​l.​i.​n.​d.​ , THE scien​tists​ ,and of cours​e NAYRO​CK “​HAPPY​ NEW YOU .” IF YOU BELIE​VE IT IT’S YOURS​ . TRUST​ . all my love , ebi breez​y aka fat belly​ bella​ aka loret​ta brown​ aka analo​gue girl aka annie​ aka manue​la mexic​o aka badui​zm pka e. badu.​.​.​.​.​ love and light​ !​!​!​!​!​!

What the hell, Erykah?  Badudio?  SMH.  And when you’re done having this baby, lay off the “D” for a bit.  Have a period, why don’t cha?

A couple more including the new “baby daddy” below.


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  • Soulwriter

    Like Erykah, I’m a Pisces expecting my 3rd child in Dallas, but will I have a homebirth? NOPE!!! Aingonbeabdurit!!! GO ‘head Fatbellybella….

  • Hannibal

  • BMW

    I love her music but the whole three children with three different men is not impressive in my book. There is nothing wrong with being a free thinker and doing your own thing. Just because you got a nice looking balance on your account doesn’t mean you can do it on your own. yes I do know that each childs father is imvolved, but wouldn’t it had been better if she could settle down with one person. My aunt was like her, all artsy fartsy with 4 kids by different men. Each man was so important and on her level she had a child with them, but for some odd reason could never stay with them. I guess Erykah is on the same shitz my aunt was on. i know each man brings something special and meaningful into your life, but you don’t have to pop up a baby to give your man a nice gift. i always wondered why she never had a baby with Common? I guess he was too strong minded for all that mess.


    Much support and best wishes on ur upcoming birthing!Looking forward to pt 2

  • whoozdat1

    I didn’t follow a word she said

  • bg



    my god get over it, nothing she does or anyone’s opinions will change how many babys she has and who they are by

  • Nina Knows

    Oh how I love me some Badu!! 🙂 If I was gonna have a baby, a home birth would be my ideal way to do it.


    whuz poppin Nina! Home birth will def be my route. I refuse to have my seed at the hospital.

  • BMW


    I am over it, it’s her life, not mine. I did a home birth and it was just fine.

  • Nina Knows

    Purpple..I agree and…
    dont you think the comment about having her ever having peroid is so uncalled for. She has 2 kids, about to make it 3.. I’m sure she’s had plenty of peroids.

    I really really hate stupid people, and they should invest in getting some business of their own.

  • BMW

    You can’t stop people from talking about you, it’s a proven fact. If you don’t want people talking about your lifestyle you need to go live in a cave because it will never happen. You can wear a cute outfit and someone will still find it tacky.


    Exactly Nina, most of bossip’s comments are uncalled for. And ur right, most people medlin have NO business of their own or their life aint hittin on nothing anyway

    girl i will PASS on implant chips OK!

    Congrats BMW thats awesome!!!! Did they give you problems, the law, hospital, ur doc etc?

  • TruthBeTold

    Grow up bossip, it’s 2009.

    Good Luck, Ms.Badu!

  • k.DOPE

    yeah bossip, the whole period comment was WAY tacky, below the belt, and totally uncalled for. SMH. she’s a beautiful, INTELLIGENT, and enlightened woman. trust she knows what she is doing, her mama didn’t raise no fool. peace and love ms. badu.

  • Junk

    Nina – I was with you on the whole home-birth thing until you stated your qualms with stem cells. Um, you know that those cells save people’s lives, right? They are donated and not stolen from unsuspecting mothers, because it actually costs the hospital money to procure and harvest them? Otherwise, it’s discarded as bio waste which is truly a sick, sad shame because so many people (maybe even your child) could be saved by it. There are instances in which women preserve their cord blood for themselves and their children.

    Lists of diseases stem cells could help: Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, spinal cord injury, stroke, burns, heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis…among many, many others. And I bet dollars that one of these diseases will likely affect you or someone that you care about.

    But by all means…toss it in the garbage to avoid the risk of implantable chips.

  • SDedee

    Eveything isnt for everybody, somethings are for somebody. Do You Erykah!!!!!!Peace, Blessings, and Love. congrats

  • Nina Knows


    I seen a very good documentary on home birthing, and it was amazing. A true spiritual experience. Alot more personal and deep than a hospital.

  • SDedee

    Valerian and Chamomile are def the way to go!


    Nina tell me the doc u saw if you can remember I would love to look at it, i havn’t watched any about home birth, although if im not mistaken there is a series that comes on one of the networks about home birthing couples experiences but i can’t remember the name.

    and true, true on that different father comment, that is very true.

    ok im out may not be back until late. have a good one girlie!

  • Nina Knows


    I understand what your saying. but sweetie you might want to read up on that a little more. That mystical picture you just painted is what they need you to think.. or better yet, not think at all.

    I urge you to find out what they really do. I did, and I stick to my original comment. I tell you what, find out what really causes those dieseases in the first place, stem cells or core blood isnt needed. On the back of my driver license it says NO by “donor”, for a damn good reason.

    oh, and they have been STEALING useful plasma from women for ages. There are more politics into hospitasl then what you think.

    do what you want, but me and my baby will be no mans DNA science project experiment. They DO NOT use stem cells solely for “saving lives”… sorry.

  • BMW


    i typed up a response but I lost my connection. Give me a minutes

  • MissNee

    Let erykah do her. She can take care of her kids better than ones with the same father. Erykah doesn’t subscribe to your religious adaptations of life.

  • Lauren Dawkins Bleeds Green...Go Eagles!!!

    LMAO!! Bossip is tripping telling Erykah to lay of the D and havea period…OH MA!

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