Is That You Pookie??

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Chris Rock, wife Malaak Compton-Rock, and daughters made an appearance at the NYC premiere of “Bee Movie”. Beautiful family, but Chris is looking a little Pookie-ish from New Jack City, nothing a little Carmex and a sandwich can’t fix.

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  • Bankable P


    His daughter that his wife is holding, looks just like him. LOL!


    Now do that woman look foolish enough to leave his ass!! Hell, no!! Who does that!!

    Shawney O’neill is the only dumb-ass this year!


    oh, second!!

  • SW10

    those kids r 2 cute

  • Tabitha

    Nice, but why does the older girl keep hiding her face? Chris looks disinterested in being a family dude.

  • Kay

    I thought they were divorcing??? Oh well, you see I don’t keep up! LOL LOL

  • Mahogany

    I love that he married a strong woman.

    She helps embattled women find work, gives them business clothing, et al.

    I believe he knows what he’s got.

  • Bay Area

    His daughter (the one showing her face) is beautiful…

  • logic

    dam my man has made a change for the good..

  • J

    He looks like “I’m just here so that she doesn’t get half”.

  • Makeup Artist

    I hate when we ethnic women do not wear the correct shade of makeup! Even if you are lightskin, you still can not wear the makeup designed for white skintones but made in a dark shade.

    To all my black and latina sisters..wear Iman, Prescriptives(personal blended not over the counter), Fashion Flair,Mally Roncal, Black Radiance, Black Opal, St Tropez or even old school Posner.

    I am going to put this in capital letters..MAC Makeup always gives that ASHY powder look in the natural light to ethnic women. I dnt care that you are wearing NW45…it makes you look ASHY SO STOP WEARING IT. Chris Rock has on MAC C6 or C7 and look how she looks ashy. Black women who wear MAC this is what you look like out on the street with that MAC on.

  • mzlynbkny

    Nice lookin family……..but he dosent look happy!!!!!

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    I send that Mahogany…and she’s a fellow Howard alum…go Bisons!! 🙂

    Make up artist you make valid points!! MAC is not for us because the colors will look good, but a few hours later, it does turn ashy!! It has too much titanium dioxide or something. Whatever it is, the mix isn’t right!! And trust me, I know because I’ve tried all the foundations/powders in various shades.

    I swear by Iman or Black Opal because whether you have yellow or red undertones, they colors complement our skin and after wearing for hours, the color stays true.

    And here’s a tip for y’all. If you buy Iman at Walmart or Target (since you can’t try out the foundations) or any of the local drug stores, if you take it home and the color is off, save your receipt and return it. LOL, when I started with Iman’s I tried 2 different shades (which I exchanged) until I found the right one.

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    Oops, big typo, I meant “I second that..”

  • Say What?

    Amen make up artist! I used to wear MAC until I noticed how it looked in pictures. Yuck.

    Way to go Chris on the fam and Yes your daughters (at least the one showing her face) looks just like you. It aint no denying that!


    His wife needs some assistance dressing those kids and styling their hair.

  • sxyQblondie

    OMG considering who their father is, those children are beautiful. especially the precious one in the mothers arms.

  • Seghana


  • The Real Essence 1

    Chris looks like he don’t want to be part of the band. OMG why is he giving that look like “he’s just not that into her?”

    I can believe that comedians make horrible husbands & dads example: Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby {for that matter}

  • Makeup Artist

    Thanks Just sit, Say What and LaShun 🙂

    LaShun try the Iman undercover oilcontrol lotion/primer or Black Radiance oil mattifer lotion/primer. Now if you want to get really pricey with it you can get a Smashbox (colorless only) face primer.

    Going to get off my soapbox but look at Tia Mowry makeup vs. Malaack Rock makeup and they are about the same complexion, but a huge difference! Tia has got on some custom blended or she is wearing Iman in Sand 4. Malacck Rock has on that MAC C6/C7 that they hand over the counter to all golden brown babes 🙂

  • Mahogany

    @ Makeup Artist

    My Mom has been wearing foundation since Methusda and I haven’t tried it yet. (I’m 28)

    I guess I don’t want to get too attached at how I look w/ it versus w/o.

    My skin is oily but I have an even skin tone and I’m not prone to bumps.

    My question is …do I even need foundation?

    I’ll be back in an hour for Ur answer.

    thx 🙂

  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    LaShun, I’m not a make up artist, I just dabble in the stuff. 🙂 Anyway, for dark circles under the eyes or to cover blemishes, I tend to use a lighter foundation that might not be as chalky looking as a concealer.

    For example, since I got tanned from a recent vacation, I used Iman Earth 2, but had Earth 1 which I usually wear.

    For a “concealer”, used earth 1 where needed and then just put Earth 2 on top of it. The key is to blend so that it’s not obvious that you’ve got concealer under your eyes or whereever else you might need it.

    If you have a lot of blemishes, just use a full coverage make up. I have a co-worker who has really spotty skin and she was wearing makeup but it was too sheer and you could see all her marks so it defeated the purpose. I want to tell her so badly to try full coverage, but to be sure to wash her face regularly and to skip the make up when she’s chillin at home so her skin could breath. And maybe try Proactive or something.

    Anyway, like I said, I’m no expert, I just play around with a lot of different things to get the right look for me. 🙂

  • Mahogany

    @ Just Sit

    I need Ur input as well seeing that we’re about the same complexion!


  • Mahogany

    @ Just Sit

    I need Ur input too being that we’re about the same complexion!!!

    thx in advance


  • Mahogany

    oh my bad for the duplicity

    I’ll be back

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