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Tracey Deion Pilar

No such thing as an “innocent bystander” in this case, anybody can get it!

Tracey Edmonds Accused Of Harrassing Pilar Sanders In Court

Via DallasMorningNews

The custody trial resumed Monday morning with attorneys going round after round about where Deion Sanders’ girlfriend was on Friday and what work she was doing with him regarding possible reality television shows.

Tracey E. Edmonds, a television and film producer, took the stand with attorneys for Sanders’ estranged wife implying she was trying to get around a subpoena by not showing up for the trial last week even though she was in the courthouse parking lot.

Attorney Luke Gunnstaks said she Edmonds was ordered to be in court but that Deion Sanders’ attorney Rick Robertson let the court assume she was in California and could not appear.

Robertson countered that he didn’t know where she was on Friday but had said then that since she was a resident of California, she wasn’t compelled to be here but was cooperating on her own will.

Gunnstaks told the judge Edmonds was harassing Pilar Sanders Friday by circling her in the parking lot of the courthouse. Later, in front of the jury, Edmonds said she waved at Pilar from the car on that day as they were both leaving.

Attorneys tried to get Edmonds to discuss details of television projects and whether the couple’s three children are involved. Gunnstaks also asked if she had an engagement ring and if she slept at the house while the Sanders children were there, both of which she did not have to answer.

Next, it was Pilar’s turn to get her narrow, well-toned, a$$ up on the stand to answer a few questions. Deion’s lawyer took the opportunity to fire some shots back on his behalf.

Pilar Sanders took the stand this morning taking repeated questions on what she would do for work and if she blamed Deion for not being a star. She said that assumes she is not one.

“I think I’m a star,” she said.

To which Robertson asked if that’s why she participated in a business venture called DialAStar. She did not respond.


For those of unfamiliar, Dail-A-Star is some sort of struggle service where D-List “stars” can interact with their fans through phone calls. Seems like Twitter or Facebook is a better option, but we digress.

LMFAO @ “I think I’m a star”. A star of what exactly? You should probably star-t to shut your mouth. That would be good.

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