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BOSSIP recently had a refreshing conversation with new Latina upstart Veronica Vega and we’re eager to share with the class. Vega recently dropped a hot viral song “El Papel” over the Bauer beat many of you will recognize from the recent “Harlem Shake” craze, but ironically Vega said she’s had her hands on the beat for a minute.

“It’s two of us on that record, me and Betty Idol who is also signed to Zone 4,” Vega told BOSSIP exclusively. “Angela, the girl who wrote “Empire State Of Mind” gave me that record, she had written on it and I loved it and I thought me and Betty should do it. We recorded it that night. I do rap in some parts, but the verses is her and the breakdown and choruses is me. We’ve had the record for a long time before the beat became so popular, but we decided to put it out because the time was right.”

Check out “El Papel” before getting the full scoop on Vega below:

Veronica Vega “El Papel”

The 22-year-old Miami native is fiercely independent and outspoken about her personal image and how she connects to her audience.

“I have all the say in what my image is,” Vega told BOSSIP. I love to get input from creative people and people who have a different perspective but I’m the spearhead.”

And while she draws from her Cuban/Venezuelan background musically, she says that her roots allow her to connect beyond just the Latino audience.

“Being bilingual allows me to connect with my culture,” Vega explains to BOSSIP. “I was born here, my parents are Cuban and Venezuelan immigrants who moved here for a better life. My first language is Spanish and I know there are a lot of people in the same position as I am whether they’re Latino or not. They’re bilingual kids who are also first generation Americans and I think it’s great to be able to connect with people regardless of language, because they know the struggle you come from to live in America and be first generation American so I feel that’s how I connect.”

While she may be new to most audiences, Vega has actually been signed to Polow Da Don’s Zone 4 Ent. for three years.

“It all started with Polow, it was like magic, it just came together and it just worked,” Vega told BOSSIP.

Here’s a statement from Polow on working with Veronica Vega:

“Working with Vega has been a life changing experience – culturally, musically, and spiritually. With all that I know about music, I’ve been just as much a student during the process of this project. This project opens my eyes to how big the world really is.” ~Polow Da Don

She also does her thing on this Selena cover:

Selena- No Me Queda Mas by Veronica Vega

Keep an eye out for her upcoming single “Wicked” feat. Pitbull — due out next month!

Follow Vega on Twitter – @VeronicaVega and on Instagram – @VegaMundo



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