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Another track from Jay-Z’s American Gangster has been leaked and your boy Killa Cam is officially making his “comeback”. Here are the tracks…have a listen and let us know your thoughts.

Cam’Ron “Glitter”

Jay-Z “No Hook”

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  • The Truth

    1st haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • M. DOT

    Good to hear Cam back in the game…

  • The Truth

    Jay-Z and CamRon I have one thing to tell you

    Drink bleach and gargle

    This is trash nonsense, but I’m sure the senseless ppl will enjoy this

  • Sam


  • mooreperfect

    I love CamRon but that was foolishness….Jay…sit down. :p

  • Ms. Sugar Walls

    Do your thing MR. JIGGA!


    I dont care this~~~Jay-z, Did you remove your profile from that dating site Richromances?

  • Jus Another Opinion

    Both songs were garbage.

    Jay Jay Jay now do u see why ppl diss him. He criticize Mims (who is garbage) for that one line in his song I can make a mil off a track saying nothing. here he comes with a song called no hook. Pure hate and hypocrisy. He made that song to try and come off as this extraordinary MC who doesn’t write down his rhymes…okay good but this time it actually backed fired the song sucked big time.

    Jay needs to sit down it seems like he has nothing else to do. hell his girl won’t sit her ass down cause she is addicted to fame, so he can’t dick her down and knock her up. Better yet try fixin the mess you made at Def Jam. SMMFH! (sighs)

  • Black Friday

    @Just another Opinion:

    Where the hell are you from? I’m asking so I know not to drink the water if I ever go there…You have the least amount of hip hop knowledge of anybody on this site. You also have the worst taste in music. But for some reason you seem to always have the most to say. Stop commenting on hip hop topics, you’re making a fool out of yourself.

  • shawn

    joe camel is a mess…retire…….retire…retire..

    cam`ron… i expect better than that

  • Common WithoutSense

    Damn Jay is trying hard…he almost did it, but wtf is he talking about!!! Agree with Jus on this one…Old man need to retire and focus on the new artists at Def Jam!!!

  • My Opinion

    They both need to try again…No, I take that back Hova please, please stay retired and focus on Beyonce!

  • magz

    liked JZ’s song. Especially liked hearing Denzel’s smooth voice in the beginning!! Cam’s song was tacky.

  • dez nuts

    Jay-z track is fire lyrically…I see he is finally getting back at his boy Dehaven for talking smack on youtube..Camron track sounds like all of teh other cam ron tracks.. I can’t call it



  • Ms. Sugar Walls


  • NationsCAP

    I liked both songs!! All Good!

  • anon

    listen…cam is a personality and his style is the blueprint for all the dipset cats. he’s not a concious rapper and not really commercial. Folks that dig cam dig cam cause no one sounds like him on the mic, he’s completely original and no one can really argue that. this track is classic cam, period

  • Phoenix

    I like the Jay-Z track. The production, lyrics, and flow. Didn’t care too much about the Camron song, it wasn’t one of his best songs.

  • Douwanna

    WTF??? What was that Cam??? Hell naw…

    This is Jay’s best single out so far. It is the only one I can listen to entirely. I don’t know if that is a good thing. His singles are getting better, but is it good enough. His isn’t even on top of the rap charts/preorders and the album comes out in a week or so… Scary, I think loyalist will carry the sells on this, but way too much hype. The movie is good though.

  • DDub

    I’m sprry but I personally like what I’m hearing from Jay new album. He’s taking it back to his Reasonable Doubt/ IML vol. 1 days. It’s a lot different than the stuff he made when he blew up. So for those who have picked up his albums from jump this is a welcome return.

    This track really isn’t that hard to decipher. I don’t know why people are confused. Maybe they’re wating for the hook. Who knows.

  • Tyrone M. Wild

    jay was good. cam not so good.

  • Enuff nonsense

    Jay was alright, he sounds his age…retire dude.

    Cam was wack, shut that ish down after first 20 secs.


  • Just Sit And Be Pretty

    LOL, wow Black, you take this all rather seriously don’t you?!! 🙂

  • holla

    Camel it toooooo old he 40 years old wearing saggy jeans oversized tees and hoodies, hes wackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk he should’ve been concentrating on the artist on his label his time is up even when he’s wack his stans think hes jesus on mount olive. he gabage holding other real artist careers back what happened to joe budden jigger.

  • Mike Baller

    You people are way too serious about this Hip-Hop. I like Jay-Z but I didn’t like the song. I don’t like Cam and I didn’t like his song. Now is someone going to kill me because I’m my own man with my own opinion. Or should I follow the masses blindly in which most of you do and be ready to fight and kill someone because they didn’t like something that I liked. Wake up black people defend yourself because I can promise you Jay-Z or Killa Cam could care less about you or your opinion much less coming to your defense. Real Talk.

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