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Another day, another racist “Indian costume”

Michelle Williams Native American Style On AnOther Magazine Cover Deemed Offensive

Hollyweird actress Michelle Williams is in hot water over her altered appearance on the cover of a British magazine.

Via DailyMail reports:

Michelle Williams has been accused of racism after appearing to dress as a Native American on a magazine cover.

The actress donned a series of eye-catching outfits for British magazine AnOther, including one showing her in long braids, beads and with a feather in her hair.

The cover went viral as blogs labelled it ‘offensive’, ‘racist’ and ‘sterotypical’ and demanded an apology.

New York based online magazine Refinery29 slated the cover, stating: ‘We can’t believe how offensive Michelle Williams’ latest cover is.’

‘They added super-long, thick, black extensions and braided them — and darkened her eyebrows,’ they wrote. ‘Then there’s the makeup.

‘The photo is in black-and-white, so you can’t tell for sure if they’ve altered her normally fair skin, but there is some definite contouring around the nose and the cheekbones that not only makes her look nearly unrecognizable, but also appears to mimic the stark relief of facial features often seen in early portraits of Native American women.

‘The same mimicry applies her stoic, unsmiling pose – also a typical trope in that particular genre and period of art history.’

The Huffington Post also waded into the debate, writing: ‘While not everyone might be offended, there have been all too many instances of fashion professionals ruffling feathers with ill-conceived Native American-inspired projects.’

A publicist for the 32-year-old did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The actress is not the first to accidentally offend the Native American community.

Victoria’s Secret was forced to apologize after dressing model Karlie Kloss in a feathered headress and face paint as she strutted down the runway in her underwear at their show last year.

Do you find the cover offensive? Do you think Hollywood and the media should stop attempting to recreate “Native American” themes and costumes for people who do not have indigenous roots? Or do you think people are overreacting this time around?



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