Bolitics: GOP National Chairman Goes On ‘African-American Listening Tour’ In Brooklyn To Gain More Black Republican Voters

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GOP wants your vote!

GOP Wants More Black Voters

Via The Grio reports:

Republican National Committee chairman Reinhold Reince Priebus embarked on an African-American “listening tour” in Brooklyn, New York, Monday, and the results were simply platitudinous.

Flanked by New York state GOP chairman Ed Cox and Rev. A.R. Bernard, a black, would-be mayoral candidate who hosted the get-together at his fortress-like Christian Cultural Center, Priebus proceeded to lay out for the dozen or so members of “the people” — mostly black Republicans or folks who seemed to be church members, along with considerably more members of the media — how he believes his party can broaden its base beyond the stodgy white guys who wave pitchforks at government spending that isn’t on their Medicare or Social Security checks.

Well, Priebus didn’t actually lay out the plan. Not with any specificity, anyway. Apparently, that comes on March 18th. Mostly, he just talked about his feelings. The RNC chair feels that the GOP has to start being a “heart” party. They’ve got to get down to their spiritual essence and “spark a revival!” Here are Priebus’ ten rules for letting the Grand Old Party’s little light shine.

What would the GOP have to do to gain the Black vote?

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