Fight For Right To Be Fatties: Chubby Lumpkins In Mississippi Pass Anti-Bloomberg Bill That Bans Calorie Counts On Menus And Limits On Portions

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The thickummms in Mississippi said ‘miss us with that slimmy trimmy bs’ and have passed a bill to keep restaurants from forcing them to be more healthy.

Via NYDailyNews reports:

Lawmakers in Mississippi — the most obese state in the nation — have overwhelmingly approved what they’re calling the “anti-Bloomberg bill.”
It would ban communities from requiring restaurants to post calorie counts on menus or limit portion sizes, as Mayor Bloomberg tried to do with his proposed ban on large sodas. Also forbidden: any local rule banning toys from being distributed with kids’ meals.
The governor is expected to sign it.

Its author, state Sen. Tony Smith, owner of the Stonewall’s BBQ chain, which serves dishes like the Lil’ Piggy, said government has no business telling people what they cannot eat.

“If we give government a little more control of our personal rights – where does it stop?” he said.

Smith told the Daily News that Bloomberg‘s proposed ban on large sugary sodas in New York helped give impetus to his legislation. He said Bloomberg’s rule – which was written to attack obesity – doesn’t make sense.

If customers “want to supersize, they’re going to figure out how to do it, whether that means buying two or whatever,” said Smith, whose restaurants only service sodas 20-ounces at a time, a serving size that Bloomberg‘s ban would outlaw.

Smith‘s bill – which says nutritional requirements should only be decided at the state level – sailed through the Mississippi legislature with broad bipartisan support, overwhelming the arguments of a small group of opponents who said that local governments should be allowed to make their own rules.

Smith said Mississippians trust the market to respond to demands for healthy food.
“For a lady, if all you can buy are black shoes, well, that doesn’t go with every dress you may have,” he said. “Hey, if you want to buy baked fish, fine, I love it. But if I want fried fish, that’s my right.”

SMH. Leave it to Mississippi — the state where ignorance is always bliss. Don’t get us wrong though — we agree that people have a right to be just as fat as they wanna be.


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